Thursday, December 6, 2012

7 Months!

Due to some computer issues, I'm late again. I can't type (unless it's super slow) on my laptop, so I'm just now getting time to get on the desktop computer.

7 months. Wow. We're sliding quickly into one, now. What a crazy month this last one has been! All of the sudden, he's not an infant anymore! He's crawling, pulling up AND cruising. His mobility is so much like his brothers that it's scary (walking potentially next month?!? Yikes). Having all of Jeffrey's toys around has made mobility a tricky situation. It's not a great idea to pull up on the big dump trucks, for example. He is obsessed with going into the kitchen. He has a favorite cabinet (which, unfortunately, has our stoneware in it) that he just beelines for all.the.time. He gets so excited when he opens it; it's adorable. He now has TWO teeth. Sleep was pretty rough there, but it seems to be settling down again now that they're broken through. He's got his little personality booming everywhere he goes. He's so calm, yet very dramatic. He has the most adorable smile, and Jeffrey and Coco are still the top "people" to get it out of him. He's calmed down a lot on the separation anxiety front, so Jony and I were able to somewhat successfully have a night out for his company Christmas party. Puffs, which he loves, were a big help in that affair. In terms of eating, he's all about it. I can't even list all that he's eaten. It's been a whirlwind month! I don't even want to think about the changes that will occur over the next few!

Gavin's 7 Month Stats:
-he was 18lbs, 4oz and 28 inches at his appointment a few weeks ago
-still managing 6 month clothes, but I'm going to have to face reality and unpack the 9 month stuff here soon. Except onesies- he's still pretty good in the 6 months of those, strangely enough
-2 teeth
-all out crawling
-pulling up on any and everything
-the beginning stages of cruising!
-starting to make actual sounds- mamamamama, etc.
-eating all sorts of food; green beans are his favorite, along with puffs.
-loves opening up his cabinet, the police car and the Christmas singing penguins