Monday, November 30, 2009

1st Pediatrician Appointment

I'm still feeling really good about our choice of pediatricians- she was great today! She was so impressed with our little boy which made us feel really good. She called him a superstar baby and that we were superstar parents! :) He's completely healthy and everything looks perfect (for the most part)! He's already up to 8lb! A little chunker. I was hoping that we would just be close to his birth weight, but to pass it up already! I'll admit- I felt pretty good about myself/my milk. The feeling like a cow moments come up every now and then when it feels like there's always something sucking on your nipple and, when there's not, you're living your life based on when it's go time again. So, knowing that it's working and doing what it needs to do feels really good. Since he's past his birth weight, we're a go for sleeping through the night! yay! Jeffrey will be thrilled. You should see the look he gives when you wake him up. He does have an eye infection in his left eye, though. Poor baby. It started crusting up a bit yesterday, and it's been pretty bad/gross today. We got some antibiotics that should wipe it out. Apparently, it's pretty normal. We also had the second part of his Newborn screening done, along with an extra one that tests for more. Jeffrey was not so much a fan of this part, but he handled it well. I did, too. I've been adjusting to seeing him in pain, but it's been super hard for me. I hate looking at his poor little eye. Overall, it was a good appointment, and we're all set to just keep doing what we're doing and keeping the little boy growing!

As a side note, we're starting our journey into the world of cloth diapers. It's a learning game, but it's going fairly well. I love how they contain his poops and keep the majority of the poop off his little bum. I'll post more about how that's going later.

-11 days old
-8 lb
-21 inches
-14 inch head (was 13.5 at birth- his brain is growing!)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving/1 week PP!

1 week PP:

This time last week I was in the middle of being convinced that I was in labor and asking to go home since I wanted to eat lunch. It was still a few more hours until I really believed that I was having a baby, but I guess they were all right! It's been such an amazing and surreal experience these last few days with my little boy. He's so perfect and SUCH a good little baby. The first few nights he had his days/nights mixed up, but we discussed the issue with him and he's now on track! Granted, we're still waking him up (yes- we have to wake up our little baby. I have a feeling he might sleep through the night if we'd let him) every four hours so that he can have some munchies and I don't explode. Jony and I are so in love. Thanksgiving has taken on such a new meaning to us- we know how very blessed we are every time we look into those gray/blue eyes.

Post-partum has been no cakewalk, but it's not too bad. I've been managing on Advil every 6 or so hours- no need for the pain meds. I was SO sore on Sunday- both from engorgement and from labor. My back is still a bit sore, but it's getting much better. Mostly, I'm just waiting out the healing from my tear. I am sitting down/getting up a lot easier now. It gets a bit better every day. Breastfeeding has been going extremely well. Almost too well. I feel like we've got to have something hard coming up soon. Everything's been too easy! He latched like a pro right after he was born and has ever since. I don't even have to help him anymore. Engorgement wasn't too bad since I had it while Jeffrey was doing some cluster feeding. I'm feeling pretty normal now, although my boobs are a bit bigger! YAY! They get really full feeling, but it's not too uncomfortable, and it's a quick fix- pop him on the boob.

For fun, here's the postpartum survey:

  • How far along were you when you had your baby? 39 weeks, 3 days
  • How long was labor? Hard to say since I didn't know that I was, but, for what I would consider hard labor- about 3 hours
  • Total weight gain: 21lb
  • Back into your own clothes yet? I'm in my tops, but I think all my bottoms are headed to donation. My hips=much larger
  • Did you get stretch marks? At 38 weeks, I got some small ones at the very bottom of my belly. You can barely see them now, especially since they're super low
  • Did you deliver vaginally or by c-section? vaginally- med free!
  • Best moment this week: The birth of my baby boy
  • What I miss about being pregnant: feeling him move
  • How big is baby: born at 7lb12oz. 7lb 4oz on Sunday. He is currently 7lb 9oz
  • Baby's temperament: SO content. He's the happiest baby and can be calmed so easily (especially by my nipples)
  • What I am looking forward to: when he smiles and means to

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jeffrey's natural birth!

I was pretty uncomfortable for the last three weeks and was having fairly regular intervals of contractions that would mainly just feel like a tightening of my uterus and would always stop. On Monday, 11/16, I felt really sick to my stomach all day but didn’t feel too many contractions. Tuesday and Wednesday continued the seemingly random intervals of contractions where every once in awhile one would catch me off guard and make me notice that they were occurring. Not painful, but I would barely notice I was having the other contractions unless I had my hand on my belly.

On Thursday, 11/19, the contractions were the same as they had been the previous two days although it seemed more frequent that I would feel one. I had them timed for about every 10 minutes. We had decided to move the hospital bags to the car just to avoid doing that later, so I loaded up the car and went to pick up Jony for our 39 week appointment at 11:15am. At the appointment, the Nurse Practioner had me lay on my back, as usual, to listen to the heartbeat and perform measurements. This happened to be during one of my contractions that lasted a seemingly long time. She seemed concerned by the length (it was about 1.5 minutes) but also very concerned that his heart rate slowed down a little in the middle of it. She performed an internal where she said I was at 6cm, almost 90% effaced, and a bit lower than 0 station. She asked if we would go to the hospital to make sure everything was okay due to his heart rate, but she also said that I would probably have a baby- I was in active labor.

Not believing that I was really in labor, we walked to the hospital to perform a Non-Stress test, where they listened to his heartbeat for an extended amount of time. They told me during that I was actually taking a Stress test, as I was having contractions about two minutes apart. They kept trying to convince me that I was in active labor, but I still denied it. I wasn’t feeling any pain! Jeffrey and I were monitored for a very boring almost two hours- his heart rate was perfect, so we passed! Our nurse, Janey, is also a midwife and former Bradley coach, so she loved me and was very focused on making sure we got what we wanted/needed. She performed an internal and said that I was measuring at 5cm by her standards but agreed that I was 90% effaced and that he was very, very low. She advised to not go home, and Dr. Guilliams agreed when he came to check on me. As a compromise, they let Jony go get me some lunch since that had been our plan after the appointment. I was then admitted into Labor and Delivery at about 2:30pm.

All the nurses kept coming to see me- the crazy woman who didn’t believe she was in labor and was only just beginning to tell when she was having a contraction. Jony and I walked the halls and returned every hour for some fetal monitoring. I started feeling slightly uncomfortable about 6pm and had progressed to 6cm. Both the nurse and Dr. Guilliams suggested that I allow them to break my water since that’s all we were waiting for. Basically, it was completely hanging out but just hadn’t broken yet. We weighed our options and were reassured that we would not have to worry about the 24 hours time-clock and that it would progress my labor quickly to help with my energy level. They broke my water bag at about 6:45pm, which was a crazy feeling. I had a lot! Things picked up immediately, and I was thrown right into transition. The contractions started getting more and more intense, and I started feeling the need to throw up. I labored on the toilet for awhile when I started getting the urge to push. I was pissed off when they told me I was only at 8cm. That’s my most vivid emotion that I remember. When I moved back to the bed, I promptly threw up an unknown amount of times. It was actually a relief to finally be over the feeling of needing to. The contractions were very painful at this time, and Jony was working intensely with me to keep me breathing. I was both leaning on him or on the bed and rocking my hips to get myself through each one. In between, I let myself rest. Around 8:30pm, I started shaking uncontrollably and the urge to push was so severe that my body was doing it on its own. This was the most painful part and the only time that I thought that I wouldn’t make it. It seemed like it took forever for them to get the room situated for pushing, and each contraction was extremely hard to work through when my body would push- something I was trying so hard not to do. Thankfully, I was in 2nd stage labor so there was a longer break in between contractions. About 9:15pm, I was all set to push. I was SO much happier. The pain was pretty much gone that I had been enduring since I was allowing my body to do what it wanted to do. That’s not to say that it felt like a rainbow, though. I was getting three to four good pushes with each contraction. The worst part for me was in between at the end when his head was just waiting there- intense pressure. I’d just lay there and wait for the next contraction. It was such an amazing feeling of release and emotions when I felt his head come out, followed by his body. They laid him on my chest, and I just held him in awe of what Jony (who was an amazing coach, especially during pushing) and I had just done. I had a 2nd degree tear which was repaired after the afterbirth, which just slid out and created this awesome feeling of emptiness in my uterus. I did use local anesthesia for the repair. All in all, it was an incredible experience. I would wish anyone to be able to go through it and look forward to doing it again with our subsequent children.

Jeffrey Axfield was born at 9:37pm on November 19th at 7lb 12.8oz and 20 inches long. He scored 9/9 on his APGAR tests and has been in perfect health, as well as taking to breastfeeding as though it were second nature.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My baby has arrived!

He's here!

More details and birth story to come!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jeffrey's Nursery

My mom hasn't finished the crib skirt, but I needed to do something to pick me up after another round of false labor. So, here are the pictures from our "Very Hungry Caterpillar" Nursery:

The complete room from a few angles:

His bedding (the very top is the fitted sheet my mom made):

His closets:

Changing table supplies, complete with cute little KL0 diapers and diaper covers:

His clothing drawer:
For cuteness factor alone, here are his robes hanging in his bathroom:

Now, where's the baby?!?

Monday, November 16, 2009

39 weeks!

Please excuse how crappy I look in these pictures, as well as how badly Jony took them. We were obviously not really feeling taking these 39 week shots, lol.

Every day, I literally cannot believe that I am this far along. I'm also wishing that I wasn't. Come on little Jeffrey- we are ready for you now!! I had another night of false labor last night. Fabulous. The contractions were coming about every 10-20 minutes and were more intense than the contractions I've been having in the past. Since I've gotten up, I've only had one (it's been 2 hours). Bummer. Even though it wasn't the real thing, I imagine that something was going on. Jeffrey has calmed down from the last few days of dance parties he's been hosting and is moving much less with smaller movements. Nothing to be concerned about as he's still moving plenty.

Our KL0 rental arrived on Saturday, so I got those all set up in the nursery. We are completely ready for this little guy. Well, we don't have the crib skirt on yet since my mom is still working on it, but I'm not horribly concerned about that. We got the house all cleaned up and organized and are feeling good and ready to bring Jeffrey home. Jony has had the 17th in his head since our ultrasound 20 weeks ago (that's where he was measuring), so we'll see how that turns out. It's very likely, if you know Jony. He's quite possible the most charmed person on the planet. We shall see. My dad agrees that tomorrow is the day, but I think he just wants him here before his birthday on Thursday. He's so excited about having a grandson.

random: Speaking of grandparents, my parents are going to put an offer on a new house either today or tomorrow! Jony and I are pretty excited about this! It's still really close to us, but it has a POOL and a HUGE backyard. Lots of fun times could be ahead for Jeffrey there. They've been wanting to find a nice, move-in ready one story house for quite some time now, and they finally found one that hit the spot! It'll be sad to not have them live at the house that I grew up in (since age 7), but I know that they'll be happier. Plus, there's a pool.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I don't think anything can prepare you for the emotional insanity that you feel these last few weeks of pregnancy. The anticipation, excitement, nerves, and fear are extremely overwhelming. I've been finding myself having a hard time coping with it all at times. Jony's been great at just letting me cry or vent to him, and he's figured out that it's easier on me when he explains his true feelings instead of pretending to be strong for me. He's still my rock, but it makes me feel a lot less crazy to know that I'm not the only feeling these things. I just want him to come so badly. It's so hard to have this one thing that you've wanted for SO long to just be dangling in front of you, but you have no idea when you're going to get it. I mean- a measly 6.5cm is all that is standing between me and my son. When you think about it in general terms, that's nothing! However, you have that whole labor aspect that gets rid of that separation which adds a whole new twist to the anticipation. Since I'm hoping to go natural, there's a whole list of other "fears" (for lack of a better word at the moment) that go along with just waiting for it to all start. Then, of course, you have the normal worries that come with being a brand new parent.

In summary, these last few weeks are composed of being so uncomfortable (and sick feeling, might I add) that you just want it out, anticipation and nerves regarding labor and delivery, wanting your baby so bad that it's hard to control, and nerves regarding actually having that baby. Phew.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

38 week appointment update!

Things are moving right along. I was nervous that all these random contractions and feelings of sickness weren't doing anything, but they are! yay! I'm now 3.5cm, 75% effaced, and at 0 station. Craziness. He can't really get any lower before starting on his way out! She said that my cervix is very soft and squishy and has lowered quite a bit since last week, so it could literally happen at any moment. Maybe we'll have a Friday the 13th baby?

I'm so ready to just snuggle him. It's great that I have him all to myself right now, but the thing that I'm most looking forward to is seeing Jony with him. With every thing that happens to me and hearing about my progress, I can see him getting that much more excited. He's wanted to be a dad forever, and it's so close!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

False Alarm #1

Bummer. We were thinking that things were all set to go for a Veteran's Day baby. I started having contractions about 11pm last night and were about 20 minutes apart. Nothing horribly painful, but I'm having trouble deciphering that since I have a high pain tolerance (thankfully, something I inherited from my mother). I haven't had anything too painful yet at all and I've had progress, so I know they're contractions. I attempted to go to sleep, but I was feeling really queasy and in major pain from laying down. Add in tremendous amounts of trips to the restroom. I gave up on the bed about 30 minutes later and rent to my trusty recliner. I had contractions throughout the night, but I don't know the spacing since I would nod off in between. I got up about 6am to go to the bathroom (shock!) and decided I would log on to Contraction Master and start seeing where we were. Everything stopped.

At least I know that something was going down last night to get me and my body more prepared for labor, but darn it could have been nice if that was it. Now, I just wait to see when they (the contractions) return to me. Sigh.

Monday, November 9, 2009

38 weeks!

I am feeling it. I've got this overall rough feeling all of the time combined with the massive amounts of pressure I feel (sometimes I can barely walk!) and the irregular, sometimes painful contractions. I've been having a few more contractions than normal this morning so far, although still irregular, so maybe I'm making some more progress! I figure that as long as something is happening, I'm alright. As uncomfortable as all that I just listed makes me, I'm honestly much happier than when they are not occurring. Don't get me wrong- I'd prefer real labor, but I'll take all the preparation I can get. That's less work for me to have to do during actual labor!

The family is all getting pretty excited. My mom is insistent that he's coming out at any moment. I like talking to my mom- she keeps saying that I'm experiencing things very similar to her. That would be awesome. Her longest labor (my brother- her first) was about 2 1/2 hours. Ridiculous, huh? My older sister was about 45 minutes, my next sister was about 20! She didn't even make it into the dang delivery room at the hospital! She has no idea how long mine was. My dad was at work, so she didn't have time to look at the clock. My poor mom drove herself to the hospital, lol. So, I'd be completely okay if I'm like my mom. She did most of her progressing pre-labor like it seems that I am so that when she actually went into labor- it was late stage active. Basically transition.

We shall see. There's a hurricane in the Gulf right now, so maybe the pressure changes will have an effect on me ;)
***edited: So, it's just a tropical storm now. Oh, well- the hope still remains. Come on, Ida!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

37 week Appointment

I had my first internal today. It wasn't too bad- a bit uncomfortable for a few seconds since there was pressure going both ways, but I handled it. I'm currently sitting at a wiggle over 2cm, 70% effaced and at -1 station! The NP was shocked that I'm so far along with it just being my first baby. It's exciting that the few contractions that I've had and the general crappy feeling that I've had since Saturday have done something! We got my birth plan put on file, and all is 100% set to go! Now, back to waiting...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm officially in the teens for the countdown to Jeffrey's due date! YAY! I had an even more awesome experience yesterday when I went to the dentist: they asked when I was due, and I didn't have to say the month! That felt so good. Being at the dentist, however, did not feel so good. Everything looks perfect, so I'm set for 6 months. BUT, Jeffrey was severely angry at me for laying on my back for so long. Oh, the discomfort. Poor Jony has a small cavity that he has to be filled on Monday- better him than me! I cannot believe that I will have an almost-6 month old when I go back there. Insanity.

Tonight, I have my last La Leche League meeting before birth to get those last minute questions and concerns answered. At least, I hope it's my last. I'm hoping the meeting next month will be useful for the questions and concerns I'll have over beginning breastfeeding.

It's 2 days after a full moon, so we'll see if the gravitational force means anything to Jeffrey!

Monday, November 2, 2009

37 weeks- Full term!

I'm ready whenever he's ready (and I hope that he's ready soon...) Due to not having internet for the past week (MISERY, especially when Jony was out of town! I realized that I am way addicted to the internet), we got a lot of stuff done around the house. There are still a few things here and there that we have left on our list, but it's nothing critical. It's all cleaned and set up for the little man to make his big debut! I'm feeling super uncomfortable. I still enjoy being pregnant, don't get me wrong, but I'd like him to leave soon. The top of my bump hurts all the time like it's being pulled, and my back is really feeling the extra weight out in front. Sleep sucks. I'm so proud of myself if I manage to make it 2 full hours. Of course, I'm fully out of the bed now and "enjoying" my rest in our recliner. Our poor dog is so frustrated at having to move between the both of us, so she's not getting good sleep either.

Let's discuss progress. There's no denying that the boy has dropped. I have trouble putting my legs together. Friday night, I started experiencing some contractions. They were pretty consistent at 10 minutes apart for awhile, but they were very manageable. Those stopped and then I had some irregular, painful ones the rest of the night. Saturday, I felt like absolute crap and almost threw up (would have been the first time this pregnancy!). More irregular, painful contractions that night. Since then- nothing. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I'd rather them keep going and pop the boy out. On the other hand, if he's not ready, then I don't want to experience that for a few weeks. Next appointment is on Thursday, so we'll see if I get an internal!