Monday, November 30, 2009

1st Pediatrician Appointment

I'm still feeling really good about our choice of pediatricians- she was great today! She was so impressed with our little boy which made us feel really good. She called him a superstar baby and that we were superstar parents! :) He's completely healthy and everything looks perfect (for the most part)! He's already up to 8lb! A little chunker. I was hoping that we would just be close to his birth weight, but to pass it up already! I'll admit- I felt pretty good about myself/my milk. The feeling like a cow moments come up every now and then when it feels like there's always something sucking on your nipple and, when there's not, you're living your life based on when it's go time again. So, knowing that it's working and doing what it needs to do feels really good. Since he's past his birth weight, we're a go for sleeping through the night! yay! Jeffrey will be thrilled. You should see the look he gives when you wake him up. He does have an eye infection in his left eye, though. Poor baby. It started crusting up a bit yesterday, and it's been pretty bad/gross today. We got some antibiotics that should wipe it out. Apparently, it's pretty normal. We also had the second part of his Newborn screening done, along with an extra one that tests for more. Jeffrey was not so much a fan of this part, but he handled it well. I did, too. I've been adjusting to seeing him in pain, but it's been super hard for me. I hate looking at his poor little eye. Overall, it was a good appointment, and we're all set to just keep doing what we're doing and keeping the little boy growing!

As a side note, we're starting our journey into the world of cloth diapers. It's a learning game, but it's going fairly well. I love how they contain his poops and keep the majority of the poop off his little bum. I'll post more about how that's going later.

-11 days old
-8 lb
-21 inches
-14 inch head (was 13.5 at birth- his brain is growing!)

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Rachel H. said...

He is doing so well, and so are you guys! I'm impressed, and I hope that I do that well! :)