Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm officially in the teens for the countdown to Jeffrey's due date! YAY! I had an even more awesome experience yesterday when I went to the dentist: they asked when I was due, and I didn't have to say the month! That felt so good. Being at the dentist, however, did not feel so good. Everything looks perfect, so I'm set for 6 months. BUT, Jeffrey was severely angry at me for laying on my back for so long. Oh, the discomfort. Poor Jony has a small cavity that he has to be filled on Monday- better him than me! I cannot believe that I will have an almost-6 month old when I go back there. Insanity.

Tonight, I have my last La Leche League meeting before birth to get those last minute questions and concerns answered. At least, I hope it's my last. I'm hoping the meeting next month will be useful for the questions and concerns I'll have over beginning breastfeeding.

It's 2 days after a full moon, so we'll see if the gravitational force means anything to Jeffrey!


Rachel H. said...

That's so exciting!! The "real" countdown is on!

Kismet21 said...

So close! I can't wait!