Thursday, May 31, 2012

4 weeks!

Incredible. I seriously cannot comprehend how it's already been four weeks. If only the last four weeks of pregnancy would go this quickly!

My calm little baby is gone, and he's turning out to be quite high needs! I'm thinking that I have an overactive letdown, though, so I've started block feeding. That has helped tremendously, and we're only two days into this plan. He's been absolutely refusing to be put down, so I've been constantly nursing/holding him. Thank goodness for babywearing!! If only it wasn't so dang hot outside, but that helps him sleep. He's a fighter of sleep just like his big brother! He's not sleeping quite as well at night as he was, but it's still not too terrible. On the plus side, I'm fairly certain that we're starting to see some social smiles! He's also pretty awesome at holding his head up already- can do it for about 10-15 seconds with no assistance, at least. He's a strong little guy, and he seems to be packing on the pounds pretty quickly. On our infant scale, it says he's about 9.5 lbs, which will have him bigger than his brother even though he was born 8oz smaller! We'll see on the official doctor's scale next Tuesday.

Despite the fussies and neediness, I'm still super happy with my little family. It's getting harder, but I can already see how it's going to start getting super rewarding.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 28, 2012

Down to One?

I'm almost afraid (and shocked!) to say that Jeffrey may be potty trained...

I know that it's still going to be awhile until I'm fully confident in the whole situation, but we've been diaper free all weekend. We started last Saturday with briefs while we were at home, but we attempted no diapers even out of the house starting this weekend since he was doing so well. It's gone amazingly. He's getting really good at telling us when he needs to go, although he does seem to just hold it until we tell him to go sometimes (like when we're about to leave the house). I'm still going to be super nervous this coming week when it's just me with both boys, but I just have to trust him. He refuses to wear diapers now, anyways, so this is our new normal now!

He finished his first potty chart (sitting on the potty every 20 minutes) in less than 4 days, and he's about to finish his second chart (going every 30 minutes, although we've stopped doing that in the past day and just wait for his lead) on the 4th day. We plan on doing one more chart to get a sticker every time he initiates it himself, and then we hope he'll just be accustomed to using the potty.

So, bring on the briefs! Things are getting interesting around here.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's My Birthday!

It really doesn't get any better than that, really. Here's to another great year with my three best boys!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 weeks!

My tiny little munchkin is starting to look like a baby- not a newborn. He is still such a super chill and easy baby. He rarely ever makes a fuss, and even his cries are super mellow. He has let it out once or twice, though! Especially at night when he's super tired and I'm running around getting everything ready for bedtime. He's still sleeping really well at night- two four hour stretches! He usually takes two long-ish naps during the day. Otherwise, he's eating every hour or so, if not more. Nursing is still going extremely well, although I'm starting to leak. I've ordered a few more breast pads to help with that situation. Similarly, it's been quite a shock remembering how often infants go to the bathroom; we're having to wash diapers every other day again. At least Gavin's diapers don't need to be stuffed, and Jeffrey isn't using many diapers at all these days. So, it's been pretty easy to stay on top of.

I'm starting to get pretty good/comfortable at going out with both boys. Gavin is always in the wrap or sling, which he loves, and Jeffrey has been a great big brother and does whatever he can to help me. We've got the getting in/out of the car down, and the boys seem to love getting out and about. Well, Gavin usually just sleeps which I equate to happiness from a newborn.

I'm feeling really good and am generally super happy with my life right now. Everything just seems right :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My New Normal

Jony went back to work yesterday. All the nerves that I didn't experience about having two children all came to a head about Sunday afternoon, and I got terrified. We'd been tag-teaming the whole time he was home, save for two trips out with both kids. It has gone really well so far, though. A few shaky moments here and there, but, overall, pretty successful. I even managed to get all the laundry done yesterday. Today was a playgroup day, and we had a good time and even made it there on time! To make things even more interesting, we're also potty training Jeffrey right now. He sets a timer on my phone and has potty time every twenty minutes. More if he says he needs to go inbetween, obviously. We sit on his little potty, and he gets a book read to him. If he pees, he gets one sticker on his potty chart. Poops get two. His chart has 25 boxes, and he'll get to choose a prize from our closet of random stuff that we've been keeping in there (cars, play-doh, puzzles, coloring books, etc). He's been doing REALLY well. He had an accident yesterday morning about 9am, but then he stayed dry the ENTIRE rest of the day (he naps in a diaper still). I'm so proud of how well he is doing. So, doing that along with semi-constant nursing has me pretty worn out. This taking care of two stuff is pretty awesome, but it's a heck of a lot of work!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jeffrey: 2.5!

My little (big!) boy is officially 2.5 years old today. He's such an amazing kid, even though he knows how to drive us completely crazy! Can't blame him too much for that since he's just acting like us- stubborn and opinionated. Despite those moments, he really is a great son. He rarely throws tantrums (and, when he does, they're pretty tame), is extremely lovable, and so incredibly smart. We're constantly getting comments on his verbal skills. It really is amazing to just listen to him and see how his brain works; we're consistently impressed with his level of understanding and vocabulary. He's a pretty good eater, and we can usually coax him into at least trying one bite of everything. He's a consistent sleeper for both nap and bedtime, although he still fiddles around at night so that it takes about an hour to go to sleep. He has adjusted SO seamlessly to being a big brother, and it makes me love him even more. Seeing how much he cares for Gavin really makes you think you've been doing something right. Of course, we have to be right on top of him to make sure that he's not TOO loving, though. He's hilarious, ridiculous and intelligent all wrapped into one little boy (or "big kid," as Jeffrey would say!)

-unofficially, I'd guess he's about 30lbs and a little over 3 feet
-busting his way into 3T tops, although he can still wear some 18 month shorts! Pants are 2T for length, but it's summer now. No more pants issues!
-has all teeth except the 2 year molars. Anxiously awaiting those...
-is fully communicative: understands possessives, time frames (yesterday, tomorrow, etc.) and even sarcasm
-can identify (and say) the entire alphabet, counts up to 20, knows all the shapes and even recognizes a few words (like Jeffrey, Gavin and baby)
-has started singing! He loves "the Itsy Bitsy Spider," the alphabet, and a milkshake song from story time
-colors with a purpose: inside the lines, tracing patterns, etc
-can jump up and down on one foot
-is able to ride his balance bike, even getting some good strides in there with his feet off the ground
-knows how to pedal and can ride his tricycle
-loves sports (specifically baseball and basketball), knock knock jokes and running in circles
-Favorite food: smoothies
-Favorite book: Mickey and the Beanstalk or Three Little Pigs (both of which he can recite)
-Favorite Activity: playing with his cars

Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 weeks!

My little pipsqueak is growing up so quickly! He already seems so much larger than when he was born, and he's getting so much stronger every day. He's getting really good at holding his head up, especially since he prefers to be upright most of the time (just like his brother!). He's waken up from his newborn sleepiness, but he's still doing pretty good at night. We're getting between 2 and 5 hour stretches, so I can't complain! He's up quite a bit during the day and nurses really frequently. If that helps him at night, then I'm up for it! We got our amazing swing down yesterday (finally), and it's helping him get some more rest during the day. I love that swing, as do my boys. Jeffrey was so excited when he saw it and likes when Gavin is in it all "snug and cozy." This kid is a pooping machine! He likes to save it up and then really let it all go. He's not a huge fan of it, however. I'm not at all worried that he's getting enough to eat. I'm excited to see how much we weighs at his next appointment! Nursing is going SO well. I get a bit engorged during his longer stretches at night, but that's the only discomfort that I've had. I'm so happy to not have any clogged ducts so far- yay!

The best thing so far is that he's so alert. He's really starting to pay attention to our faces, and he usually looks towards Jeffrey whenever he's around and making noise. He's been such a fun, wonderful and perfect addition to our family.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reality is setting in...

It hasn't gotten super hard or anything (yet), but I can see a more realistic view of what our life is going to be like with our two boys.

Jeffrey has been having some major "freak out" moments that are super strange, and he's generally not as independent as he used to be. I know he's still adjusting, so I hope that comes back soon! It's not really a great time for him to be super needy- lol! I think he's gotten really used to daddy being home, so that's going to be a tough transition for him. We've still been taking him to his activities to try to keep his life somewhat in order, and I really believe that has helped. Of course, that has led to a lot of comments about how crazy/amazing I am to be out and about with such a new baby. I don't think it's possible not to get out when you have a toddler, though. He would drive me absolutely insane if we never left the house!

Gavin is bidding his newborn sleepiness good-bye, which is sad. It was so nice how easy it was to get him to sleep! Now, he's taking on more of his brother's sleep habits when he was little and is awake most of the day. Nights are still pretty good with at least one long stretch of four hours. He's going through a growth spurt right now, so he was up about every hour after that last night. Still can't complain too much. He tends to spit up more than I remember Jeffrey doing, and he likes to save up his poops for one monstrous one each day. Overall, he's still a super easygoing baby. I can see his face changing already to look more "Gavin" and less Jeffrey. I don't think anyone will be able to deny that their brothers, but it seems like they'll have their own unique look.

The worst part lately is that Jony got a bad cold, and now he's passed it somewhat onto me. My body seems to be fighting it better than his, which doesn't make any sense! He can't take Nyquil so that he can still help at night, and I can't take my placenta pills until my body has fully fought it off. I can see a definite change in energy level and can see a bit of the baby blues/anxiety that I felt after Jeffrey starting to creep in. So, I'm hoping to be able to start those up again asap.

I had my first venture out on my own with both boys this morning, and it wasn't terrible! I still have a long way to go to look like a put-together mom, haha, but I'll get there in time. Jony goes back to work on Friday, and that's when real reality will set in. Yikes!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I am feeling so blessed this Mother's Day. Not only do I have a great mom and mother-in-law, but I have a smart and hilarious toddler and the world's easiest baby. Thinking of my two little boys fills my heart so much; it's amazing how much love you can feel for people who are so tiny. After a busy day yesterday (1 week follow up with the midwife and newborn photos), we're having a relaxing family day and then dinner with the in-laws. I'm looking forward to just soaking in the time with my boys. Amazingly, I sit here alone at this moment, allowing me to reflect and take in all that I have. My adorable baby Gavin is lying next to me STILL sleeping. It's been unreal having such a good sleeper (as of now). Soon, my oldest will come skipping into the living room with a huge smile and will probably start the day with "Want to play?" I couldn't imagine anything more perfect.

Hope everyone else is feeling equally blessed this Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Week!

It's hard to believe that a week has already gone by! I'm still struggling (not quite the right word, but I can't think of a better one) with accepting that the events of last Thursday actually happened! I mean, Jeffrey and I went to MOPS as normal, came home, he ate lunch and went down for a nap, Jony went to get me a Subway sandwich, I ate the sandwich and then BOOM! Less than 2 hours later, I have another son. It's pretty remarkable, and I've become a "friend of a friend" story- ha! Jony's been getting a ton of praise, especially from older men who weren't even around when their wives were in labor. They all think he's amazing, but he's smart and lets them know that I did all the work ;)

Gavin may have been in a rush to get out, but he is so calm and relaxed as a newborn. He is SUCH an easy baby, which is pretty wild since we thought Jeffrey was so easy. He took to nursing immediately- no latching or nipple pain issues in the slightest. Our only issue we have with BFing now is that the kid poops so much! On that note, he's fully in cloth diapers. I'm so happy; I hate using disposables. I just can't figure them out, lol! He looks so adorable with his fluffy little but, and Jeffrey loves that he gets to match his brother (although he's usually naked or in briefs now). His umbilical cord fell off ridiculously early yesterday morning, so our little nugget has a tiny little belly button! So adorable. He is actually a pretty good sleeper and has been giving us two long (3-4 hours) stretches the past few nights. There's really nothing I can complain about with the little guy.

The transition to having a brother has been seamless for Jeffrey. I'm not sure if it's because he's always loved babies or that he feels super involved with him since he saw him being born, but I'll take it! He's super concerned about him and is always loving on him and making sure that his blankets are covering him. Whenever Gavin makes a noise, Jeffrey will say "It's okay, Baby Gavin. I know." It's really too sweet. I'm pretty sure that he kisses his brother more than me or Jony! I can already tell that Gavin is infatuated by him since he always looks towards him when Jeffrey is making noises/singing.

As for me, recovery has been so non-eventful. It's been so much easier that it's ridiculous. I never had any pain/swelling in the nether regions and was only sore in my legs from squatting during labor. The after birth contractions sucked, but those are mostly gone now. My temperament is so much better, as well. I had some pretty good baby blues with Jeffrey, but I'm so happy this time. It's probably a combination of a calm birth and my placenta pills (I had it encapsulated; it's amazing to feel the energy surge after I take one!).

This past week has been just perfect. I am so in love with my little family.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Family Outing

This morning was Gavin's first pediatrician appointment and, thus, his first time out of the house! He did so great, as expected from such a chill and happy baby. He looks so tiny in his car seat, especially when you look at him sitting next to his humongous brother! We rewarded ourselves for such a successful trip that we all got smoothies afterwards (well, Gavin will be getting his later...)

As for his appointment, our little piglet looks fantastic! He has a little eye gunk like Jeffrey did and is slightly jaundiced, but it's not to the point where she's concerned. We just need to get him in the sun and keep feeding him. Apparently, the levels peak at days 5-7, so she wasn't concerned since he's 5 days old today. Plus, our midwife said that it's very normal for full term and healthy babies to have more jaundice when they receive all the blood through the cord, as Gavin did. In regards to his little nickname of piglet, he is back up to his birth weight already! I must say that I'm pretty impressed with myself :)

Since he's eating and growing so well, he isn't due back until he's one month old! So proud of our little guy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Gavin's Birth Story

It's more a story of delivery than labor and delivery- our jokes of having a super fast labor ended up being completely true!

I started feeling the contractions on Sunday (April 29th) evening, although there wasn't any regularity or intensity to them. Over the next few days, they ebbed and flowed and managed to completely annoy the heck out of me. Such torture thinking that you were going to "go" at any moment. I could tell that they were working my cervix, just as my prodromal labor with Jeffrey had. It was interesting to guess how far dilated I was, but I'll never know! Thursday, 5/3, I woke up feeling off and pretty gross, and I had a clue that something was going down that day. The contractions were getting to be more intense, as well, but there was nothing to complain about. Jeffrey and I headed off to the last MOPS of the year and it was there that I convinced myself that this was happening. They were picking up in intensity and getting closer together (probably about 10 minutes apart). I went to the restroom and noticed the bloody show. I texted Jony to come home (which he already was; in a bizarre chance of circumstances, his job had kept him working from home that morning) and called my parents so that my mom knew she was going to be expected over sometime later that day. I got home and ate lunch (Subway sandwich, if you're interested) and started tallying the contractions. I could tell they were getting closer together and were very much picking up. I had 12 between 1 and 2, which is when my midwife said to contact her. I still wasn't sure it was going to be that soon since they weren't THAT bad yet, but we called her and she was going to head over after doing a blood draw on another client. At about 3ish, I had to use the restroom. I labored there for awhile and then asked Jony to text to see if I could get in the birth pool. Without waiting, I just did and started feeling the need to push pretty soon thereafter. Neither the midwife or apprentice had arrived yet due to traffic. I tried to hold off, but he was coming. I got into a squat on the side of the pool, and he was out in two pushes. Jony caught him and then handed him to me after I turned back to sit down. I'm pretty sure my water broke with the first push. It was a total shock, as I can't pinpoint when I entered transition. It was so obvious with Jeffrey, but it must have been super fast this time. The apprentice arrived just as he was out, so that was good timing.

Since he came out so quickly, he wasn't able to have the squeeze to get all the mucous out of his throat. So, he was a bit blue. The cord was still pulsing, however, so it wasn't too urgent. With some bulb syringe squeezes, we finally heard that cry. He ended up with a 7/9 Apgar reading. Jony lifted me from the pool to the bed (which is no easy feat when you're bleeding and still have a baby attached to a placenta that's still inside you), which is when the midwife arrived. They cut the cord (Jony didn't feel the need to do it since he'd already caught him, lol), and I finally delivered the placenta. This is when things got a little shaky for me since I have such low blood pressure. I was really dizzy, and it took a few hours to get me all regulated. I didn't lose too much blood- actually very little, but it just affected me a lot. I took some iron, drank some orange juice, and ate as much as I could of some spinach. During this time, I also had to get stitched up from a 1st degree tear and, unfortunately, had to have a catheter since I couldn't go to the bathroom. After a few hours, I was basically stabilized (as much as you can be after giving birth), and I was able to go to the bathroom, sit up on my own and even walk a bit without getting dizzy.

As for Jeffrey, he was right there. When he went down for his nap, I was still pretty normal. He woke up just before 4pm, so he got to witness the most exciting parts! He was somewhat concerned about me since I was pretty vocal (another big difference from Jeffrey's birth!), but my mom reassured him that I was alright and just working hard. I talked to him between contractions, as well. Once I was pushing, he was standing right behind me (not in the pool) cheering me on! There's nothing more special to a mom than to hear her oldest yelling "That's my baby brother! My baby brother is coming!" when he saw his younger brother being born. He was the world's best doula :) He is absolutely in love with Gavin and just loves and dotes on him as much as we'll let him.

It was an insane few hours, but everything is just perfect now. Gavin is an amazing nurser and knew exactly what he was doing, and he's been such a calm and loving presence in our house over the last 24 hours. I am so blessed and amazed at my new little family.

Mommy x 2!

On the exact same gestational age as Jeffrey, baby Gavin was born at home 5/3 at 4:20pm. 7lbs 4oz So happy :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's May! Hooray! And it seems like the little guy just may be trying to escape. By the end of the day yesterday (and at my appointment), my contractions were about 8 minutes apart. Every so often, one would take my breath away. So, on the way home, we stopped and got the last thing we need for the birth (an iron supplement for after delivery, since I have such low blood pressure) and even put a little water in the birth tub. Jony wanted to see how long it would take to potentially fill it, and it doesn't seem like it'll take too long. It's so surreal to walk into our bedroom and see it completely set up for birth. Everything started slowing down again last night, so I got pretty discouraged. I decided to take it as a sign to get some sleep, though, and I actually slept pretty well. I woke up quite a few times to contractions (and some pretty painful ones!), but I'd do go back to sleep. Now that I'm up, they seem to be resuming back to where they were last night. I was told to stop timing them since that can make you somewhat obsessed and instead to just keep a tally. Once I get 12 an hour, I am to call the birth team over! Eek! Right now I'm at 4 in 30 minutes. I may just have my May 1st baby, after all. Or Jeffrey will win the bet with his May 2nd guess!