Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 weeks!

My little pipsqueak is growing up so quickly! He already seems so much larger than when he was born, and he's getting so much stronger every day. He's getting really good at holding his head up, especially since he prefers to be upright most of the time (just like his brother!). He's waken up from his newborn sleepiness, but he's still doing pretty good at night. We're getting between 2 and 5 hour stretches, so I can't complain! He's up quite a bit during the day and nurses really frequently. If that helps him at night, then I'm up for it! We got our amazing swing down yesterday (finally), and it's helping him get some more rest during the day. I love that swing, as do my boys. Jeffrey was so excited when he saw it and likes when Gavin is in it all "snug and cozy." This kid is a pooping machine! He likes to save it up and then really let it all go. He's not a huge fan of it, however. I'm not at all worried that he's getting enough to eat. I'm excited to see how much we weighs at his next appointment! Nursing is going SO well. I get a bit engorged during his longer stretches at night, but that's the only discomfort that I've had. I'm so happy to not have any clogged ducts so far- yay!

The best thing so far is that he's so alert. He's really starting to pay attention to our faces, and he usually looks towards Jeffrey whenever he's around and making noise. He's been such a fun, wonderful and perfect addition to our family.

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