Monday, May 28, 2012

Down to One?

I'm almost afraid (and shocked!) to say that Jeffrey may be potty trained...

I know that it's still going to be awhile until I'm fully confident in the whole situation, but we've been diaper free all weekend. We started last Saturday with briefs while we were at home, but we attempted no diapers even out of the house starting this weekend since he was doing so well. It's gone amazingly. He's getting really good at telling us when he needs to go, although he does seem to just hold it until we tell him to go sometimes (like when we're about to leave the house). I'm still going to be super nervous this coming week when it's just me with both boys, but I just have to trust him. He refuses to wear diapers now, anyways, so this is our new normal now!

He finished his first potty chart (sitting on the potty every 20 minutes) in less than 4 days, and he's about to finish his second chart (going every 30 minutes, although we've stopped doing that in the past day and just wait for his lead) on the 4th day. We plan on doing one more chart to get a sticker every time he initiates it himself, and then we hope he'll just be accustomed to using the potty.

So, bring on the briefs! Things are getting interesting around here.

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