Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jeffrey: 2.5!

My little (big!) boy is officially 2.5 years old today. He's such an amazing kid, even though he knows how to drive us completely crazy! Can't blame him too much for that since he's just acting like us- stubborn and opinionated. Despite those moments, he really is a great son. He rarely throws tantrums (and, when he does, they're pretty tame), is extremely lovable, and so incredibly smart. We're constantly getting comments on his verbal skills. It really is amazing to just listen to him and see how his brain works; we're consistently impressed with his level of understanding and vocabulary. He's a pretty good eater, and we can usually coax him into at least trying one bite of everything. He's a consistent sleeper for both nap and bedtime, although he still fiddles around at night so that it takes about an hour to go to sleep. He has adjusted SO seamlessly to being a big brother, and it makes me love him even more. Seeing how much he cares for Gavin really makes you think you've been doing something right. Of course, we have to be right on top of him to make sure that he's not TOO loving, though. He's hilarious, ridiculous and intelligent all wrapped into one little boy (or "big kid," as Jeffrey would say!)

-unofficially, I'd guess he's about 30lbs and a little over 3 feet
-busting his way into 3T tops, although he can still wear some 18 month shorts! Pants are 2T for length, but it's summer now. No more pants issues!
-has all teeth except the 2 year molars. Anxiously awaiting those...
-is fully communicative: understands possessives, time frames (yesterday, tomorrow, etc.) and even sarcasm
-can identify (and say) the entire alphabet, counts up to 20, knows all the shapes and even recognizes a few words (like Jeffrey, Gavin and baby)
-has started singing! He loves "the Itsy Bitsy Spider," the alphabet, and a milkshake song from story time
-colors with a purpose: inside the lines, tracing patterns, etc
-can jump up and down on one foot
-is able to ride his balance bike, even getting some good strides in there with his feet off the ground
-knows how to pedal and can ride his tricycle
-loves sports (specifically baseball and basketball), knock knock jokes and running in circles
-Favorite food: smoothies
-Favorite book: Mickey and the Beanstalk or Three Little Pigs (both of which he can recite)
-Favorite Activity: playing with his cars

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