Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Family Outing

This morning was Gavin's first pediatrician appointment and, thus, his first time out of the house! He did so great, as expected from such a chill and happy baby. He looks so tiny in his car seat, especially when you look at him sitting next to his humongous brother! We rewarded ourselves for such a successful trip that we all got smoothies afterwards (well, Gavin will be getting his later...)

As for his appointment, our little piglet looks fantastic! He has a little eye gunk like Jeffrey did and is slightly jaundiced, but it's not to the point where she's concerned. We just need to get him in the sun and keep feeding him. Apparently, the levels peak at days 5-7, so she wasn't concerned since he's 5 days old today. Plus, our midwife said that it's very normal for full term and healthy babies to have more jaundice when they receive all the blood through the cord, as Gavin did. In regards to his little nickname of piglet, he is back up to his birth weight already! I must say that I'm pretty impressed with myself :)

Since he's eating and growing so well, he isn't due back until he's one month old! So proud of our little guy.

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