Friday, March 29, 2013

Garage Sale

This past weekend, we cleared out all of the junk in our garage and a bunch of useless and unused stuff in our house for a garage sale. It was impressively successful! We sold off all of the big stuff (except for the exersaucer, which has to be the most awkward baby item to store!). It was a great point in our plans to overhaul our house. We haven't made tremendous progress in the living/dining room since Jony hasn't had much free time, and our weekends have been crazy. We do have a few things on the wall now, and our TV unit is up, finally. I foresee a lot getting done next week, since I'm hosting a baby shower here next weekend. Eek!

The boys loved having a garage sale, and Jeffrey didn't have near a hard time selling some of his old toys as we thought he might. He was actually a pretty good salesman! Gavin just loved having all of the attention and the visitors (namely grandparents). We also used the weekend to do our front garden since we were already outside. I love having the splash of color, especially the daisies!

With two crazy boys and a crazy schedule, I'm trying to find time to get on the computer to blog. Clearly, I'm failing! However, our house is definitely getting somewhere, even if it is slowly. Some days, that means more to me than blogging, although I'm sure I'll be sad in a year or so when I don't have all the documentation. Until I find time again, we're off to Easter at the Farm!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 Months!

It's a little late, but I have two mobile children now. That's my excuse :)

This was a super fun month. Gavin is such a little ham. We weren't dealing with too many teething issues, so he was actually enjoyable to be around the majority of the time. He started full out walking, which is incredible. He's our little Frankenstein baby! Although, if we call him that, it scares Jeffrey (who is super proud of Gavin, but also likes to remind everyone that HE can run, ha). He's got this super cheesy little smile and loves playing with his tongue hanging out. He'll bop up and down to a good beat and can bust out his own version of a rap on the cat piano. He's still super obsessed with the dog bowls, which is still just as annoying. He's starting to show a real interest in puzzles and loves the color/shape sorting toys that we have. Mainly, though, he just wants to do everything that Jeffrey is doing. Mainly, going outside. He LOVES it out there and will bang on the back door to let us know he wants out.

Gavin's 10 Month Stats:
-no idea on weight and height, but he's definitely growing
-in 9-12 month clothes
-four adorable, silly teeth
-standing up in the middle of the floor on his own
-climbing hardcore!
-waves hello
-is starting to do "more" and "all done" signs
-can drink from a straw
-Favorite Food: mum mums, peanut butter crackers (2nd kid, lol)
-loves: eating, attacking Coco, playing any and everything with Jeffrey, picking Jeffrey up from school, peek-a-boo, being a ninja baby after Coco's bowls, putting things in and out of containers, the dishwasher
-strongly dislikes: being held for longish amounts of time, diaper changes, getting strapped in the car, not being able to eat everything that we are