Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aly!

My beautiful niece is 2 years old today! She had a little birthday party at her house where all of her cousins (besides the 2 that don't live in Houston) and some of her best friends came over to play. It was so cute watching all the little girls (and one little boy, haha) play with the bubbles, balls, and cupcake frosting! So, J and i are in major baby fever mode. J had a really great time playing with all of them. Those girls loved him! My niece is pretty partial to him, as well. Nobody is as cool as "Uncle J." 

I got pretty down on the fact that I hadn't O'd yet, but I've given up on those feelings. I'm just going to go with the flow now. I just hate that this could be our last chance for a 2009 baby. But, when it's right, it's right. 

-CD 27

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back and Forth

I'm beginning to think that this might be another long cycle. Maybe I'll have normal/long/normal/long, etc. I haven't been very stressed, but maybe moving and the kitchen rennovations have put more pressure on my body than I'm realizing. I was severely dissapointed in my temp today- the exact same as yesterday! I tested it later to make sure that it was still working, and it is. I only have the teeniest amount of EWCM, and I almost feel like it's not enough to mark it on my chart. I do, anyways. Based on the mass amount of EWCM that I had on CD 22 and my low (normal pre-O, i should say) temps these past 2 days, I'm pretty sure I'm having delayed O. Lame. J and I are putting a lot of hope into this cycle since, as I've said before, it'll probably be our last chance at having a child in 2009. 

On a good note, we have completely cleaned out the apartment! We go tomorrow to turn in our keys and write our 2nd to last check (our lease breaking fee)! I'm so ready to not have to deal with it anymore. Changing our address on everything has been a bit of a pain, though. 

ALSO, our kitchen should be done by next friday! YAY! They've started doing the "pretty" stuff today- installing our new doors and drawers on the new island. They should be painting either tomorrow or Monday, and we get our granite on tuesday! Oh, I'm so excited to have a kitchen again. I want to cook! 

-CD 25

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It jumped!

I have O'd. We'll see what day FF says that it happened, though, since yesterday was such a teensy little rise. It's an open circle, you might note. I've woken up at around 4am the last two days for now apparent reason. Yesterday, I went back to sleep and temped at my normal time (6am), so I marked it sleep deprived. Today, I had to pee, so I took it when I got up. The temp adjuster on FF said it would have actually been around 97.7, which is around where my post-O temps usually are. Tomorrow should confirm, but I probably won't get crosshairs for a few days due to those darn open circles. I'm not working tomorrow, so it should be a good day. Wake up- see high temp- go back to sleep for a few more hours-clean the apartment up with my mom- do nothing. 

I saw this game floating around, and I thought it would be fun: You go to the 4th album of pictures on your computer and post the 4th picture in it and then explain it. Here goes: It's my niece! Miss Alexandra (or Aly) in July (about 1 1/2 years old). J and I went over to her house and had a pool party with her. Good times. Is she not freaking adorable? I want to steal her. She had a great time that day playing with her boat and the bubbles in the water. I love her.

-CD 23: ?? DPO

Monday, January 26, 2009

We've moved!

We finally have all of our crap at the house (except for J's bikes, but that's not so bad to carry). We'll be rid of the apartment this friday. Woo-hoo! It's been really hard and frustrating lately. Everyone knows how much you use/depend on having a kitchen, but what we have now figured out is how much it truly SUCKS not to have a working one. We have no sink (the worst), stove, or oven. So, we don't even have any groceries? What's the point? I am so sick of fast food. Thankfully, we have both of our parents close by to invite us over to dinner. Such as tonight- clam chowder with the in-laws. Yum. The kitchen should be done by the end of next week, so we'll be able to get the painting finished in the living/dining room and start actually unpacking. It's a major mess over here now that everything's just sitting around. J's starting to get grouchy. He likes things neat.

I was expecting a bit of a higher temp jump today since I had my gushing EWCM yesterday (tmi?). I guess I'm having another slow-rise months, providing I did actually O. I hope so. It's making me nervous that I'm getting closer to November. This could possibly be our last chance for a 2009 baby! I still have tiny remnants of EWCM, so we'll see how tomorrow's temp goes (up, please!).

-CD 22: 1 DPO?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Life's been pretty boring/straight forward lately. We're finally starting to get somewhat of a routine in our new house. Not having a working kitchen does put a damper on that somewhat. I long for the day that I can actually cook dinner again. I am so sick of fast food, but I don't want to spend all the money to go out to eat every night. It should all be done in about 2 weeks...ugh. 

I did not O on Inauguration day. Sad. But, it seems like it's getting closer. My CM is starting to show the signs of an approaching O, and I'm feeling wet (if you catch my drift). I had another temp rise today, but no sign of the actual EWCM yet, so I don't think it'll stay up. I predict by the weekend, though. I'm okay with that, though, because J hasn't exactly been going along with the whole necessary sex thing. All of the little projects that he has to do around the house (after work, of course) has us staying up way later than usual and then he is to tired/sore. I told him last night that he has officially become the cock block in our relationship. He promised that we'd have some fun tonight- we shall see. He seems to be making some good progress on the window sills he's making for our kitchen now. I, however, am exhuasted. I worked today for the first time in over a month. I did take a nap earlier, so that will help me. I'll push through (not like it takes too much convincing anyways). Anything for Baby H!

-CD 18

Monday, January 19, 2009

A slight rise!

I just may get my wish! I've been joking with J about having an inauguration baby, and it looks like I may be Oing today (or maybe yesterday? We'll see). Of course, it could still be coming in a few days. J and I are not very big fans of the man that has been in the Oval office for the past 8 years, so I told J that Baby H is just waiting until he's officially out to make his/her grand entrance! It would definitly be a hilarious story to tell. J's parents probably would not find it so entertaining, but it's a cute thought. October is an empty month in regards to birthdays in both of our families, too. It's time to get down to business and start this waiting game! 

Happy MLK Day!

-CD 15

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We have improvement!

This weekend has been far better than the week was! I was finally able to get my eyebrows waxed, we've been staying in our actual Master Bedroom (that now has blinds- yay!), and we finally had sex last night. We even had a good dinner out with some friends that we hadn't seen in way too long due to the business in our lives. They're actually looking at a house right around us right now, so hopefully they like it! It would be awesome to have my BFF living so close. She's only like 15 minutes away right now in their apartment, but 5 minutes is far superior to that. 

My chart is kind of looking like it usually does about 5 or so days before O, so I'm getting excited about that. I feel like Cycle 2 is just going to to go over so much better than Cycle 1. We're planning on more sex than last month, and we won't be quite as obsessive. It's also better that we'll just have a random date as a possible due date. J became quite excited about the due date for last cycle being right after his birthday and on Grandparent's Day. Maybe Baby H just wanted to wait until we were actually in the house so it could make sure he had a cozy place to live. I'm just enjoying it now, whatever happens. 

-CD 13

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sleeping in the "nursery"

This is where J and I have been sleeping since we moved our mattress and stuff over to the house. It's not meant to torture me- to everyone else it's just our guest bedroom. It honestly hasn't been too bad since we're so busy doing house stuff during the day. I just always get to go to sleep dreaming of the baby that will one day be sleeping in there. It has given us the time to really decide how we're going to decorate. I'm pretty excited about how it's going to turn out. We're probably more excited that we don't have to do it right away. We're done with our Master Bedroom now, thank goodness. We'll be moving all the furniture in either tonight or tomorrow (I'd guess tomorrow). Then, that picture will finally be posted. It only finished a week later than planned. The kitchen renovation is going great; it should be done in about 2 weeks. We're actually going to pick out the granite today, which we've been looking forward to. That alone will change the look of the kitchen drastically, although tearing a wall down did a little of that, too. Although we're still running around and doing a lot of stuff now, it's calmed down a lot since last week. Hopefully, by next week, we'll be up and running like normal again- just in time for O. We've been so tired lately that many things have been put on the backburner: sex, cooking dinner (the Fast Food industry owes us a "thank you" letter), and even my personal hygiene. I'm in serious need of a good eyebrow wax. 

In chart news, it hasn't been as up and down as it usually is. I'm starting to think that I may O a bit earlier this cycle?

-CD 11

Monday, January 12, 2009


We've been at our new house constantly: painting, putting up baseboards and crown moulding, painting, and then more painting. Obviously, I'm sick of painting. The sad thing is, we've only finished our master suite (almost)! I'll put pictures up later this week when it should be completely finished. Our kitchen renovation just started today, too, so I'm listening to all sorts of awful sounds coming from our being torn apart kitchen. It'll all end up well, but the sounds really are awful. With all this hustle and bustle with the house, I'm unsure how successful this cycle could really be. Granted, I most likely still have a week or so until I O, but we've just been too tired to do anything remotely resembling sex. Now that we've moved in (as in setting our mattress on the floor in our future nursery last night), maybe we won't be as tired. We shall see. I honestly don't even know what CD I'm on, but I do know that AF just left a day or so ago. Maybe this is a good thing?

-CD 8 (I went and looked on FF, haha)

Monday, January 5, 2009

She's here

Cycle 1 was a Bust. We're pretty dissapointed, but we didn't expect too much in our first month. J really grew to love the idea that the due date would have been right after this birthday and the day after grandparents day. Oh well. I'm actually surprised that it hasn't hit me too hard. I guess it's just that I expect to have issues since everyone else in my family has. At least this gives us more chance to practice! On that note, the house is officially ours! No more bullcrap. We've started painting so that we can move our bed over from the apartment. That's when the sex should really go down. We'll kick AF to the curb and start "settling" into our new home. I'll post a picture of our master bedroom once we're all finished with it. We're changing it from a pinkish peach (gag) to a dark green. I'm excited about it! 

-CD 1: AF came by early this morning

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going Down

I had a major temp. plummet this morning. Lame. It started last night with an itsy-bitsy amount of spotting. It was a wierd spotting- kind of like a small clot. Then, I had my HUGE temp drop today. I still don't really feel like AF is coming, but I'm just waiting for her arrival. What a tease. Today is when AF was expected to arrive. J and I are pretty bummed, but it's not too bad. We'll see how we feel once she's actually here. 

At least we've got the house to keep us occupied! We've started the painting process, and that has been more overwhelming than I thought that it would be. Our plan is to get a really good start on the master bedroom today and then finish it tomorrow. Once we've got that room done, we'll be moving our bed over and staying here! I'm looking forward to that. Not only will we be living in our house, but we'll be living in the place with internet! An exciting note: the For Sale sign and the key box on the door were taken away today! Yay!

-CD 34: 13 DPO

Friday, January 2, 2009

"Possibly triphasic on Day 29"

Kind of exciting, no? I'm thrilled that my temps are staying so high, but I still can't help but be nervous these next few days. I'm 11 DPO today, so I've been on AF patrol big time. I usually have an 11/12 day LP, so I get worried that I'm going to find spotting everytime I go to the bathroom. Nothing yet. No AF cramps, either- just those wierd crampy things I've been getting. It seems to have become more focused on my right side, but that could just be me being crazy. 

Sometime today, our internet at the apartment will be no more, and we will have it set up at the house. It will be a suck of a weekend, but we need to pack, anyways. It just makes us even more excited to move in! So, there will probably be no updates for a few days. We shall see what my next blog post will be: AF or BFP? 

-CD 32: 11 DPO- possibly triphasic

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Darn. Of course, I know it's really early (10 DPO), so I wasn't counting on it too much. The hope still existed, though. I realized after i tested that I probably should have waited. I always get up and pee after i take my temperature at 6am, so that's what I did this morning (except I pee'd in a cup). However, last night being NYE and all, I didn't get to sleep until about 2am. That only gave me about 4 hours to build up anything without me taking any fluids/food. So, that could have contributed since it was so early. 

I'm so happy that it's 2009! We're about to head over to hang out at our new house for a bit and show it to our firstborn- our dog, Coco. Last night, I felt a little off and the smoke from the firecrackers really made me feel sick. Overall, it was fun, though, and we only had one pregnancy comment from J's friend (in text form, so nothing to stress over!). This said friend is coming over tomorrow, so I won't be testing until he leaves. Next up: Sunday at 14 DPO, if the situation presents itself. I have an 11-12 day LP based on the last two cycles.

Happy 2009! Hopefully, we'll all be parents (or at least pregnant) this year!

-CD 31: 10 DPO- BFN