Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going Down

I had a major temp. plummet this morning. Lame. It started last night with an itsy-bitsy amount of spotting. It was a wierd spotting- kind of like a small clot. Then, I had my HUGE temp drop today. I still don't really feel like AF is coming, but I'm just waiting for her arrival. What a tease. Today is when AF was expected to arrive. J and I are pretty bummed, but it's not too bad. We'll see how we feel once she's actually here. 

At least we've got the house to keep us occupied! We've started the painting process, and that has been more overwhelming than I thought that it would be. Our plan is to get a really good start on the master bedroom today and then finish it tomorrow. Once we've got that room done, we'll be moving our bed over and staying here! I'm looking forward to that. Not only will we be living in our house, but we'll be living in the place with internet! An exciting note: the For Sale sign and the key box on the door were taken away today! Yay!

-CD 34: 13 DPO

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