Monday, January 5, 2009

She's here

Cycle 1 was a Bust. We're pretty dissapointed, but we didn't expect too much in our first month. J really grew to love the idea that the due date would have been right after this birthday and the day after grandparents day. Oh well. I'm actually surprised that it hasn't hit me too hard. I guess it's just that I expect to have issues since everyone else in my family has. At least this gives us more chance to practice! On that note, the house is officially ours! No more bullcrap. We've started painting so that we can move our bed over from the apartment. That's when the sex should really go down. We'll kick AF to the curb and start "settling" into our new home. I'll post a picture of our master bedroom once we're all finished with it. We're changing it from a pinkish peach (gag) to a dark green. I'm excited about it! 

-CD 1: AF came by early this morning

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