Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It jumped!

I have O'd. We'll see what day FF says that it happened, though, since yesterday was such a teensy little rise. It's an open circle, you might note. I've woken up at around 4am the last two days for now apparent reason. Yesterday, I went back to sleep and temped at my normal time (6am), so I marked it sleep deprived. Today, I had to pee, so I took it when I got up. The temp adjuster on FF said it would have actually been around 97.7, which is around where my post-O temps usually are. Tomorrow should confirm, but I probably won't get crosshairs for a few days due to those darn open circles. I'm not working tomorrow, so it should be a good day. Wake up- see high temp- go back to sleep for a few more hours-clean the apartment up with my mom- do nothing. 

I saw this game floating around, and I thought it would be fun: You go to the 4th album of pictures on your computer and post the 4th picture in it and then explain it. Here goes: It's my niece! Miss Alexandra (or Aly) in July (about 1 1/2 years old). J and I went over to her house and had a pool party with her. Good times. Is she not freaking adorable? I want to steal her. She had a great time that day playing with her boat and the bubbles in the water. I love her.

-CD 23: ?? DPO

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