Monday, January 12, 2009


We've been at our new house constantly: painting, putting up baseboards and crown moulding, painting, and then more painting. Obviously, I'm sick of painting. The sad thing is, we've only finished our master suite (almost)! I'll put pictures up later this week when it should be completely finished. Our kitchen renovation just started today, too, so I'm listening to all sorts of awful sounds coming from our being torn apart kitchen. It'll all end up well, but the sounds really are awful. With all this hustle and bustle with the house, I'm unsure how successful this cycle could really be. Granted, I most likely still have a week or so until I O, but we've just been too tired to do anything remotely resembling sex. Now that we've moved in (as in setting our mattress on the floor in our future nursery last night), maybe we won't be as tired. We shall see. I honestly don't even know what CD I'm on, but I do know that AF just left a day or so ago. Maybe this is a good thing?

-CD 8 (I went and looked on FF, haha)

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