Thursday, January 1, 2009


Darn. Of course, I know it's really early (10 DPO), so I wasn't counting on it too much. The hope still existed, though. I realized after i tested that I probably should have waited. I always get up and pee after i take my temperature at 6am, so that's what I did this morning (except I pee'd in a cup). However, last night being NYE and all, I didn't get to sleep until about 2am. That only gave me about 4 hours to build up anything without me taking any fluids/food. So, that could have contributed since it was so early. 

I'm so happy that it's 2009! We're about to head over to hang out at our new house for a bit and show it to our firstborn- our dog, Coco. Last night, I felt a little off and the smoke from the firecrackers really made me feel sick. Overall, it was fun, though, and we only had one pregnancy comment from J's friend (in text form, so nothing to stress over!). This said friend is coming over tomorrow, so I won't be testing until he leaves. Next up: Sunday at 14 DPO, if the situation presents itself. I have an 11-12 day LP based on the last two cycles.

Happy 2009! Hopefully, we'll all be parents (or at least pregnant) this year!

-CD 31: 10 DPO- BFN

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