Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back and Forth

I'm beginning to think that this might be another long cycle. Maybe I'll have normal/long/normal/long, etc. I haven't been very stressed, but maybe moving and the kitchen rennovations have put more pressure on my body than I'm realizing. I was severely dissapointed in my temp today- the exact same as yesterday! I tested it later to make sure that it was still working, and it is. I only have the teeniest amount of EWCM, and I almost feel like it's not enough to mark it on my chart. I do, anyways. Based on the mass amount of EWCM that I had on CD 22 and my low (normal pre-O, i should say) temps these past 2 days, I'm pretty sure I'm having delayed O. Lame. J and I are putting a lot of hope into this cycle since, as I've said before, it'll probably be our last chance at having a child in 2009. 

On a good note, we have completely cleaned out the apartment! We go tomorrow to turn in our keys and write our 2nd to last check (our lease breaking fee)! I'm so ready to not have to deal with it anymore. Changing our address on everything has been a bit of a pain, though. 

ALSO, our kitchen should be done by next friday! YAY! They've started doing the "pretty" stuff today- installing our new doors and drawers on the new island. They should be painting either tomorrow or Monday, and we get our granite on tuesday! Oh, I'm so excited to have a kitchen again. I want to cook! 

-CD 25

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