Thursday, April 4, 2013

11 Months!

On one hand, it's crazy to believe that he'll be one in less than a month. On the other hand, he's already a toddler! This year has gone by so quickly, much quicker than it seems like it did with Jeffrey. I guess having all the hustle and bustle of the older one makes time go by quickly. I think seeing the bigger one really accentuates how little the youngest is, as well, so it's kind of mind boggling to remind yourself that it was almost a year ago that I pushed him out right here by where I'm typing this. He's such a cuddle bug and such a joy. He's a full out walker and does the sweetest little cheese face you ever did see. I love how he'll just dive right into me for a good hug before he's off to play again. He absolutely loves Jeffrey and walking after him to play/chase him. Holding Jeffrey's hand in the car is the ultimate experience for him and never fails to stop his crying, if he is. Overall, though, he barely makes a fuss. He's so chill and relaxed. To think that I thought Jeffrey was! Sleep is getting much better. We've even had a full night! Usually, it's once or twice, although the first stretch is always 5-6+ hours, so I can't complain too much. He's still our little eater and will try everything, except most fruit. Strange child. We're in full swing of planning his first birthday, and I just can't help but sit in our bedroom reminiscing over that crazy day almost one year ago!

Gavin's 11 Month Stats:
-about 20lbs, no idea on height
-wearing 12 month clothes
-still those 4 cute teeth
-full out walker, getting faster every day
-loves to stomp his feet
-points and says "dat"
-Favorite food: mum mums and apples
-loves: hiding/peek-a-boo, dancing, chasing Jeffrey, stacking toys, cars, putting toys in and out of things, hanging out/lounging in his anywhere chair
-hates: not being allowed in the bathroom, having his nose wiped