Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big and Strong?

So, things have been CRAZY here lately. Jeffrey no longer naps, and Gavin has decided being awake is way cooler than sleeping (definitely didn't learn that from his brother...sigh). Needless to say, there hasn't been a whole lot of time for lounging around and blogging, much to my disappointment. Lots to update, eventually!

The biggest thing going on in our house is dealing with a hurt back on our biggest little boy. It's been going on about a week, and it really effects him at night. So much so that he's waking up screaming in pain, poor kid. It's been quite an adjustment for us to be getting up with BOTH kids after they were both sleeping through the night. Exhaustion. After a few super rough nights, I made the call, and we were off to the pedi this morning (which went much better, logistically, then Gavin's last appointment!) She was a bit concerned since he's so verbal about the fact that he is so focused on a specific location, instead of saying different places all of the time. We had to get him to pee in a cup (prop to Jony for being able to get him to do that!) to rule out a UTI, and that came back all clear. We also got a prescription to get a spinal x-ray if all the blood work comes back clear. Then, we were off to get his blood tested for Vitamin D or iron deficiency. He was so brave, poor kid.

Her main goal is to rule out any major issues, but she thinks it's a good possibility that it's growing pains. Due to our height and his activity level, he's potentially not relaxing the growing muscles enough. So, we'll see. I just want him to feel better.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Settling In

Gavin is not a teeny tiny little newborn anymore. He's graduated from the Fourth trimester and is now his own little being- spunky, spirited and happy. He's wedged himself in and plopped down as a permanent fixture to our little family- a piece of the puzzle that could never be replaced or lost. He now requires attention of his own and is expressing his own wants and needs, rather than just being content to come along on all of his brother's adventures (although, let's be real, he still has to do that!).

In turn, we're adjusting to our new family situation. Jony and I finally had our first date night since Gavin's birth to celebrate our 4th anniversary (that was pretty much glossed over since we went out of town and have a baby that doesn't take a bottle). It was just to see a movie and dinner for about two hours, but it was so nice. As Gavin gets older, it will get even easier for us to get some quality time in. It's too important to not put in the work to make it happen, especially if we want to keep our little family stable.

Gavin is also making the move into his own bedroom. We had to come to terms that he just barely fits in the Rock and Play now, so it was time. It was really hard to accept that my little baby was that big and that old to even be discussing it, but it had to be done. Luckily, he's still our little rock star sleeper, and changing his sleeping location didn't affect him at all.

All things are moving back to our normal life as it was before Gavin was born; we just now have another little spark of energy to share it all with.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Full Circle

As though it was no big deal, Gavin decided today was the day he could roll from back to belly. He did it once, and he's done it a few times since then. Each time, he immediately rolls back onto his back- lol! He does it the same way each time, so he's not quite a roller in terms of mobility, thank goodness. We don't have near enough floor space with all of Jeffrey's toys finding their way all over the place! We'll have to deal with that problem soon enough, however. His left arm tends to get stuck underneath him a lot of the time, but he's figuring out how to do it without having that happen. He's showing himself to be a quick learner like his brother before him. It's fun experiencing all of these little milestones again, and I'm so proud of my strong little chunk.

To celebrate, we got down the exersaucer and some of the other infant toys that we had packed away. Truthfully, we just remembered we had them. The timing just worked out that way ;) He LOVES the exersaucer and the winkle. It's so crazy that I didn't even think about giving him any of this stuff yet. I keep thinking that he's so much younger than he is. It really does go so fast.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

(Gavin's tie is from Alligator Lane, as usual :) )

Sunday, August 5, 2012

3 months!

I'm a few days late, but we were out of town for a wedding while little Mr. Gavin turned 3 months (as well as our anniversary!). It's insane how fast he is growing. Laying down is no longer an option in his world; it's a treat for us when he allows it to happen. He's rolled belly to back one time, but that's it since he's so very rarely laying! He much prefers to sit up or stand. His little legs are quite strong; he can bear weight on them with no issue. If I hold him up to something, he's starting to use his arms to help support himself, as well. The main thing he is trying to accomplish is tripod sitting. He is determined! He can do it for just a split second before his arms give out on him now, poor thing. He just gets the biggest smile whenever he's sitting up. One of his favorite things is to sit in the little pod seat and watch Jeffrey play cars. If Coco decides to walk by, that's a major bonus in his world. He's still the most easy-going, sweetest little baby. He is refusing to take a bottle now, so that's a bit frustrating. Nothing we can't handle for a few months, however. He's constantly smiling, cooing, squealing or making some sort of new noise. He's also getting pretty good at his hand control and grabbing things. He's not sleeping AS well as he was, but it's still a maximum of two wakings a night. Nothing to complain about in the slightest, especially because he goes back to sleep with no issues the majority of the time.

Gavin's 3 Month Stats:
-he was 14 lbs 2oz and 24.5 inches at his appointment a week or so ago
-wearing 3-6 month clothes
-completely holds his head up
-can grab onto objects 90% of the time on his first attempt
-is holding and grasping objects, namely his lovey
-laughs a fabulous belly laugh (he thinks mouth noises are hilarious)
-rolled belly to back once, rolls about 3/4 of the way back to belly
-bears weight on legs while holding him in a standing position
-loves to sit and attempts to tripod
-twists all around in a circle while on his belly/back