Thursday, August 16, 2012

Settling In

Gavin is not a teeny tiny little newborn anymore. He's graduated from the Fourth trimester and is now his own little being- spunky, spirited and happy. He's wedged himself in and plopped down as a permanent fixture to our little family- a piece of the puzzle that could never be replaced or lost. He now requires attention of his own and is expressing his own wants and needs, rather than just being content to come along on all of his brother's adventures (although, let's be real, he still has to do that!).

In turn, we're adjusting to our new family situation. Jony and I finally had our first date night since Gavin's birth to celebrate our 4th anniversary (that was pretty much glossed over since we went out of town and have a baby that doesn't take a bottle). It was just to see a movie and dinner for about two hours, but it was so nice. As Gavin gets older, it will get even easier for us to get some quality time in. It's too important to not put in the work to make it happen, especially if we want to keep our little family stable.

Gavin is also making the move into his own bedroom. We had to come to terms that he just barely fits in the Rock and Play now, so it was time. It was really hard to accept that my little baby was that big and that old to even be discussing it, but it had to be done. Luckily, he's still our little rock star sleeper, and changing his sleeping location didn't affect him at all.

All things are moving back to our normal life as it was before Gavin was born; we just now have another little spark of energy to share it all with.

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Mrs. Harvey said...

Glad things are settling down and slowly starting to get easier. Our youngest is 11 months old, and I'm not sure that it's "easier" most days yet, but I'm confident that it will get that way.