Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big and Strong?

So, things have been CRAZY here lately. Jeffrey no longer naps, and Gavin has decided being awake is way cooler than sleeping (definitely didn't learn that from his brother...sigh). Needless to say, there hasn't been a whole lot of time for lounging around and blogging, much to my disappointment. Lots to update, eventually!

The biggest thing going on in our house is dealing with a hurt back on our biggest little boy. It's been going on about a week, and it really effects him at night. So much so that he's waking up screaming in pain, poor kid. It's been quite an adjustment for us to be getting up with BOTH kids after they were both sleeping through the night. Exhaustion. After a few super rough nights, I made the call, and we were off to the pedi this morning (which went much better, logistically, then Gavin's last appointment!) She was a bit concerned since he's so verbal about the fact that he is so focused on a specific location, instead of saying different places all of the time. We had to get him to pee in a cup (prop to Jony for being able to get him to do that!) to rule out a UTI, and that came back all clear. We also got a prescription to get a spinal x-ray if all the blood work comes back clear. Then, we were off to get his blood tested for Vitamin D or iron deficiency. He was so brave, poor kid.

Her main goal is to rule out any major issues, but she thinks it's a good possibility that it's growing pains. Due to our height and his activity level, he's potentially not relaxing the growing muscles enough. So, we'll see. I just want him to feel better.

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