Sunday, August 5, 2012

3 months!

I'm a few days late, but we were out of town for a wedding while little Mr. Gavin turned 3 months (as well as our anniversary!). It's insane how fast he is growing. Laying down is no longer an option in his world; it's a treat for us when he allows it to happen. He's rolled belly to back one time, but that's it since he's so very rarely laying! He much prefers to sit up or stand. His little legs are quite strong; he can bear weight on them with no issue. If I hold him up to something, he's starting to use his arms to help support himself, as well. The main thing he is trying to accomplish is tripod sitting. He is determined! He can do it for just a split second before his arms give out on him now, poor thing. He just gets the biggest smile whenever he's sitting up. One of his favorite things is to sit in the little pod seat and watch Jeffrey play cars. If Coco decides to walk by, that's a major bonus in his world. He's still the most easy-going, sweetest little baby. He is refusing to take a bottle now, so that's a bit frustrating. Nothing we can't handle for a few months, however. He's constantly smiling, cooing, squealing or making some sort of new noise. He's also getting pretty good at his hand control and grabbing things. He's not sleeping AS well as he was, but it's still a maximum of two wakings a night. Nothing to complain about in the slightest, especially because he goes back to sleep with no issues the majority of the time.

Gavin's 3 Month Stats:
-he was 14 lbs 2oz and 24.5 inches at his appointment a week or so ago
-wearing 3-6 month clothes
-completely holds his head up
-can grab onto objects 90% of the time on his first attempt
-is holding and grasping objects, namely his lovey
-laughs a fabulous belly laugh (he thinks mouth noises are hilarious)
-rolled belly to back once, rolls about 3/4 of the way back to belly
-bears weight on legs while holding him in a standing position
-loves to sit and attempts to tripod
-twists all around in a circle while on his belly/back

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