Saturday, August 11, 2012

Full Circle

As though it was no big deal, Gavin decided today was the day he could roll from back to belly. He did it once, and he's done it a few times since then. Each time, he immediately rolls back onto his back- lol! He does it the same way each time, so he's not quite a roller in terms of mobility, thank goodness. We don't have near enough floor space with all of Jeffrey's toys finding their way all over the place! We'll have to deal with that problem soon enough, however. His left arm tends to get stuck underneath him a lot of the time, but he's figuring out how to do it without having that happen. He's showing himself to be a quick learner like his brother before him. It's fun experiencing all of these little milestones again, and I'm so proud of my strong little chunk.

To celebrate, we got down the exersaucer and some of the other infant toys that we had packed away. Truthfully, we just remembered we had them. The timing just worked out that way ;) He LOVES the exersaucer and the winkle. It's so crazy that I didn't even think about giving him any of this stuff yet. I keep thinking that he's so much younger than he is. It really does go so fast.

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