Monday, July 30, 2012

I LOVE the Olympics

I look forward to it every four years, and it never lets me down! I love watching all the different kinds of sports, including my favorites of swimming and gymnastics (just like everyone else in the US, ha!). Mostly, though, I love what the Olympics represents- unity and camaraderie between all the countries. This year, I especially love how the torch was "lit" by every country and wouldn't be complete without every single one of them. Such an amazing concept, and I live that, even if for just a few weeks every two years (don't forget the winter olympics!), we put everything else aside for the good of the game, whatever game that might be. We've had it on constantly, and Jeffrey has been really getting into it. He likes to chant USA! USA! whenever he sees the US flag and really enjoys, like me, watching swimming and gymnastics. He was enthralled with men's gymnastics! Unfortunately for him, that's not going to happen. You don't see too many 6 feet+ gymnasts, lol! We've decided that Jeffrey will be our soccer player, and Gavin can be the swimmer since, you know, he was born in the water ;) Aside from sports, it's been a great teaching tool for Jeffrey since he's learning about how there are different countries and places, people have differences (but are all the same!) and all of those places are different. He's determined that he would like to go to London. One day, he will :)

I have such fantastic memories of the past few Summer Olympics. In 1996, my family went on a long vacation to Orlando. I watched the Magnificent 7 in the hotel after full days of Disney while my sister/dad went to watch the soccer matches. In 2000, I went to Australia just a few weeks before the Olympics began and got to actually see all the buildings all set up. The swimming arena was so huge and impressive, and I loved that there was a water park on the other side of the competitive pool. 2004, I remember watching men's gymnastics at Jack Camp, which was a fish camp for incoming freshman at the college I attended. I watched it with Jony and two other friends who ended up becoming great friends (one of them, I'll be a bridesmaid in her wedding this weekend!). 2008 brings memories of our honeymoon- watching those amazing opening ceremonies in our sweet little cottage in Calistoga, CA.

Now, I can remember all these sweet moments watching the London Games with my two little boys, as well as sending one of my best friends into a great marriage while celebrating mine :)

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