Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Parenting? Grade: F

We are for sure not walking around puffed up about how awesome of parents we are today. Our poor little Jeffrey is looking pretty rough this lazy Sunday. To start with, I totally spaced on bringing sunblock when we went to the splash pad on Friday morning. It's crazy getting out of the house with two kids sometimes, but that's no excuse. I feel so terrible, but my little buddy got his first sunburn. It's not horrific because, at least, he was wearing a rashguard. The worst was the back of his neck and his ears. It doesn't seem to have bothered him too much, and it's fading away super quickly. On the other hand, MY sunburn got a little worse. It's deserved, I suppose. We just kept lotioning him up and keeping him hydrated.

Last night, though, he ended up hurting himself to the point where the sunburn didn't even have a chance at bothering him! We were at my parent's house for dinner, and we were all just hanging around after eating. My niece decided she was ready to eat her cupcake, so Jeffrey went to sit next to her. My mom was carrying the cupcake tray out, and he got too hyper. He stood up in the chair super fast and turned around to grab the back, causing it to fall over. His face got way too acquainted with their tile floor. I ran in and held him while he cried worse than I've ever heard before for a good five to ten minutes. The bump was HUGE! Once he calmed down, he just hung out on the couch with Jony playing games on the iPhone, which showed us that he could still think. He was acting totally normal and putting up a fight about having ice on his forehead. We kept him up about an hour later than normal to give us about two hours of observation, per our call with the nurse's line. After some Tylenol and the normal bedtime routine, he fell asleep in record time. We checked on him a few times overnight, and he was fine. This morning, he's acting completely normal although he says he has a headache (obviously). It's not as swollen as it was last night, but it's starting to bruise. It is not going to be pretty.

Needless to say, we're staying in today. Keeping it low key so that maybe we can avoid adding another injury to the weekend report!

The burn pre-bump:

The bump:

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mtendere said...

Ouch! These toddlers like to cause trouble, don't they? Hope he's feeling better and that you got your caom peaceful day.