Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Freedom at the Farm

We spent most of last week up at my parents' farm. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle that our lives are, and we got to get some good quality time in with the family. Jeffrey absolutely loves it there- playing with his cousin, riding the tractor and 4 wheeler, playing in the pool, running around the yard, eating lots of yummy food and ice cream, and watching Cars a million times. The stress of being in a new environment seemed to affect his potty training, so we're starting to get back into the groove now that we're home. Everyone kept bothering him and asking him if he had to go all the time, which he hates, so he just shut down. Gavin had a bit of a transition, too, but he was sleeping good again by the third night or so. He loved being held by so many people. Not being able to put him down too often was really hard on my upper back/neck, though, so it's off to the chiro for me! Overall, the whole family loved being up there. We're not sure when we'll be free again for awhile, so we made sure to enjoy it while we could!

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