Friday, July 27, 2012

Well Adult Check-ups

We decided that it was time for us to finally get in gear and start being as proactive with our own health as we are with our boys. So, we made appointments for a physical/blood work. We're still pretty young, so we figured it would, at the minimum, be a baseline. It turns out that both of us had minor issues, so it's good that we went! I have anemia, which I have figured for some time. So, I'm on an iron supplement and will see how my body is reacting to that in about six months. There are different types of anemia, so we have to see if I have iron deficiency or a hormone imbalance (or something to that effect!). Jony's is a little more serious- elevated cholesterol. He's fairly certain it's the mass amount of fast food that he's been eating, so he's cutting that out. He needs to start exercising again, as well. It's not high enough for medicine yet, so he's just changing some life choices around first. He's most likely battling some genetics there, since heart disease runs down his father's side. It made him mad, though, since he's so much more active and typically eats better than I do! My blood work came back with the note of "excellent cholesterol!"- lol!

We also had our dentist appointments (which we have been doing twice a year, no worries) and, thankfully, were all clear in that area. It was crazy to think that I was pregnant the last time, and the next time I'll have an 8 month old and a 3(!) year old in 2013!

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