Monday, January 26, 2009

We've moved!

We finally have all of our crap at the house (except for J's bikes, but that's not so bad to carry). We'll be rid of the apartment this friday. Woo-hoo! It's been really hard and frustrating lately. Everyone knows how much you use/depend on having a kitchen, but what we have now figured out is how much it truly SUCKS not to have a working one. We have no sink (the worst), stove, or oven. So, we don't even have any groceries? What's the point? I am so sick of fast food. Thankfully, we have both of our parents close by to invite us over to dinner. Such as tonight- clam chowder with the in-laws. Yum. The kitchen should be done by the end of next week, so we'll be able to get the painting finished in the living/dining room and start actually unpacking. It's a major mess over here now that everything's just sitting around. J's starting to get grouchy. He likes things neat.

I was expecting a bit of a higher temp jump today since I had my gushing EWCM yesterday (tmi?). I guess I'm having another slow-rise months, providing I did actually O. I hope so. It's making me nervous that I'm getting closer to November. This could possibly be our last chance for a 2009 baby! I still have tiny remnants of EWCM, so we'll see how tomorrow's temp goes (up, please!).

-CD 22: 1 DPO?

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