Thursday, May 31, 2012

4 weeks!

Incredible. I seriously cannot comprehend how it's already been four weeks. If only the last four weeks of pregnancy would go this quickly!

My calm little baby is gone, and he's turning out to be quite high needs! I'm thinking that I have an overactive letdown, though, so I've started block feeding. That has helped tremendously, and we're only two days into this plan. He's been absolutely refusing to be put down, so I've been constantly nursing/holding him. Thank goodness for babywearing!! If only it wasn't so dang hot outside, but that helps him sleep. He's a fighter of sleep just like his big brother! He's not sleeping quite as well at night as he was, but it's still not too terrible. On the plus side, I'm fairly certain that we're starting to see some social smiles! He's also pretty awesome at holding his head up already- can do it for about 10-15 seconds with no assistance, at least. He's a strong little guy, and he seems to be packing on the pounds pretty quickly. On our infant scale, it says he's about 9.5 lbs, which will have him bigger than his brother even though he was born 8oz smaller! We'll see on the official doctor's scale next Tuesday.

Despite the fussies and neediness, I'm still super happy with my little family. It's getting harder, but I can already see how it's going to start getting super rewarding.

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Kristin said...

4 weeks already!? That's crazy!