Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 weeks!

My tiny little munchkin is starting to look like a baby- not a newborn. He is still such a super chill and easy baby. He rarely ever makes a fuss, and even his cries are super mellow. He has let it out once or twice, though! Especially at night when he's super tired and I'm running around getting everything ready for bedtime. He's still sleeping really well at night- two four hour stretches! He usually takes two long-ish naps during the day. Otherwise, he's eating every hour or so, if not more. Nursing is still going extremely well, although I'm starting to leak. I've ordered a few more breast pads to help with that situation. Similarly, it's been quite a shock remembering how often infants go to the bathroom; we're having to wash diapers every other day again. At least Gavin's diapers don't need to be stuffed, and Jeffrey isn't using many diapers at all these days. So, it's been pretty easy to stay on top of.

I'm starting to get pretty good/comfortable at going out with both boys. Gavin is always in the wrap or sling, which he loves, and Jeffrey has been a great big brother and does whatever he can to help me. We've got the getting in/out of the car down, and the boys seem to love getting out and about. Well, Gavin usually just sleeps which I equate to happiness from a newborn.

I'm feeling really good and am generally super happy with my life right now. Everything just seems right :)

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