Monday, November 16, 2009

39 weeks!

Please excuse how crappy I look in these pictures, as well as how badly Jony took them. We were obviously not really feeling taking these 39 week shots, lol.

Every day, I literally cannot believe that I am this far along. I'm also wishing that I wasn't. Come on little Jeffrey- we are ready for you now!! I had another night of false labor last night. Fabulous. The contractions were coming about every 10-20 minutes and were more intense than the contractions I've been having in the past. Since I've gotten up, I've only had one (it's been 2 hours). Bummer. Even though it wasn't the real thing, I imagine that something was going on. Jeffrey has calmed down from the last few days of dance parties he's been hosting and is moving much less with smaller movements. Nothing to be concerned about as he's still moving plenty.

Our KL0 rental arrived on Saturday, so I got those all set up in the nursery. We are completely ready for this little guy. Well, we don't have the crib skirt on yet since my mom is still working on it, but I'm not horribly concerned about that. We got the house all cleaned up and organized and are feeling good and ready to bring Jeffrey home. Jony has had the 17th in his head since our ultrasound 20 weeks ago (that's where he was measuring), so we'll see how that turns out. It's very likely, if you know Jony. He's quite possible the most charmed person on the planet. We shall see. My dad agrees that tomorrow is the day, but I think he just wants him here before his birthday on Thursday. He's so excited about having a grandson.

random: Speaking of grandparents, my parents are going to put an offer on a new house either today or tomorrow! Jony and I are pretty excited about this! It's still really close to us, but it has a POOL and a HUGE backyard. Lots of fun times could be ahead for Jeffrey there. They've been wanting to find a nice, move-in ready one story house for quite some time now, and they finally found one that hit the spot! It'll be sad to not have them live at the house that I grew up in (since age 7), but I know that they'll be happier. Plus, there's a pool.


Mrs.M... said...

omg! You are right there girly! I can't wait to meet your little guy!!!

Rachel H. said...

I hope it really is tomorrow...I'll be thinking of you guys! :)

Kismet21 said...

Come on baby's time!

Stacia said...

Come on Jeffrey! Don't make your momma wait too long!

Mrs.M... said...

oh and you look awesome mama!!!