Wednesday, November 11, 2009

False Alarm #1

Bummer. We were thinking that things were all set to go for a Veteran's Day baby. I started having contractions about 11pm last night and were about 20 minutes apart. Nothing horribly painful, but I'm having trouble deciphering that since I have a high pain tolerance (thankfully, something I inherited from my mother). I haven't had anything too painful yet at all and I've had progress, so I know they're contractions. I attempted to go to sleep, but I was feeling really queasy and in major pain from laying down. Add in tremendous amounts of trips to the restroom. I gave up on the bed about 30 minutes later and rent to my trusty recliner. I had contractions throughout the night, but I don't know the spacing since I would nod off in between. I got up about 6am to go to the bathroom (shock!) and decided I would log on to Contraction Master and start seeing where we were. Everything stopped.

At least I know that something was going down last night to get me and my body more prepared for labor, but darn it could have been nice if that was it. Now, I just wait to see when they (the contractions) return to me. Sigh.


Rachel H. said...

Hope they return soon!! :) I know you are ready!

Ameya said...

This exact thing happened to me last night/today too. ARGH. False alarms are the worst, now i feel even worse!

Kismet21 said...

Boo for the false alarm, but Cheers to "something happening."