Monday, November 9, 2009

38 weeks!

I am feeling it. I've got this overall rough feeling all of the time combined with the massive amounts of pressure I feel (sometimes I can barely walk!) and the irregular, sometimes painful contractions. I've been having a few more contractions than normal this morning so far, although still irregular, so maybe I'm making some more progress! I figure that as long as something is happening, I'm alright. As uncomfortable as all that I just listed makes me, I'm honestly much happier than when they are not occurring. Don't get me wrong- I'd prefer real labor, but I'll take all the preparation I can get. That's less work for me to have to do during actual labor!

The family is all getting pretty excited. My mom is insistent that he's coming out at any moment. I like talking to my mom- she keeps saying that I'm experiencing things very similar to her. That would be awesome. Her longest labor (my brother- her first) was about 2 1/2 hours. Ridiculous, huh? My older sister was about 45 minutes, my next sister was about 20! She didn't even make it into the dang delivery room at the hospital! She has no idea how long mine was. My dad was at work, so she didn't have time to look at the clock. My poor mom drove herself to the hospital, lol. So, I'd be completely okay if I'm like my mom. She did most of her progressing pre-labor like it seems that I am so that when she actually went into labor- it was late stage active. Basically transition.

We shall see. There's a hurricane in the Gulf right now, so maybe the pressure changes will have an effect on me ;)
***edited: So, it's just a tropical storm now. Oh, well- the hope still remains. Come on, Ida!


Rachel H. said...

I hope that I have the same kind of preparation when it comes closer for Baby Harvey to arrive!

Stacia said...

I'm glad things are moving along for you! You are such a cute pg woman, though, seriously!