Monday, May 6, 2013

He's ONE!

I have a one year old. It's official. It's also crazy. I've been replaying the birth events from a year ago over and over in my mind. It was such an incredible experience, and I remember it so vividly that it's mind-boggling that it was as long ago as it was. One of the truly awesome things about having a home birth is that I could just sit in the spot he was born and really soak in the memories and experiences that the past year has brought our family.

Gavin is SUCH a joy and has created such a special dynamic in our family. He's a ham and loves to cheese it up and dance all the time. He does this hilarious little squat and cheese face whenever he gets really excited. He'll start bobbing his head around even with just the tiniest little musical sound; he'll really groove when you start singing to him. He loves to eat and has created his own sign where he'll point to the food/drink that he wants and then to his mouth. He does it with such vigor that it's hilarious. He's a daredevil and loves going down slides by himself, so we're at that fun/horrifying time period at playgrounds now where I need to be next to him at every moment. He thinks he can do anything that big brother can do, and he idolizes Jeffrey completely. The hour or so that Jeffrey is in room time can be the hardest part of my day if Gavin is not napping. Keeping Gavin from going back on Jeffrey's door to knock or reach his hands under the door is darn near impossible. Of course, Jeffrey doesn't mind and loves Gavin to death, as well, so much so that he's put in a request for a baby sister. I guess having a sibling isn't too traumatic! Although, I think he lucked out with Gavin since he's so calm-tempered, laid back and happy most of the time. That doesn't mean he has hasn't had his share of collapsing on the ground like a Victorian fainting lady, mind you. Even so, if it weren't for him still waking up at least once per night (save the 3 or so nights he's slept through the night!), he'd be the perfect child. Exactly what I would want my 2nd born to be like :)

For his big day, we all went to the Museum of Natural Science and History to see the butterflies and the dinosaurs. They both had a great time. Gavin kept pointing and wanting to grab the butterflies, and he kept doing this quiet little roar at all the dinosaurs. It was seriously cute.

Here is Gavin at exactly one years old- taken the exact minute of his birth one year later in the exact location where he was born:

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