Friday, May 15, 2009


I feared this would happen. I'm barely in the 2nd trimester (if you even consider me there at all), and I'm already getting these crazy nesting urges. About a week ago, I had a minor freak out (very minor) that we weren't ready for a baby at all in terms of stuff. I kept telling J that all we have is a onesie! He managed to calm me down and inform me that we still have time. I know this; yet, I still freak. We have a date set up with my parents to go and buy the crib the first weekend in June, since they so graciously offered to pick up the tab on that one. We'll be purchasing the armoire, nightstand, and conversion kit, though. I'm so ready! I'd go tonight if I could. And, no, we don't know which crib we're getting yet, exactly. It's between the Munire Deco and Urban. We'll decide when we go look at them. Here's my confession for the day: I just almost bought the crib mattress today. J talked me down yet again, but it's on sale, and I'm weak. I will throw out a praise for the in-laws, as they got me a set of the cutest frog bibs by Carters for Mother's Day. So, we now have some bibs and a onesie. We're getting there!

In other pregnancy randomness, my nipples are huge. It's embarassing. It's not like anyone sees them, but I know that they're there and that they're gigantic. It's almost like a tease since my boobs haven't gotten any bigger. I'm holding out for that!

Oh, and did you see that I'm under 200 days?!?

Here's my Mother's Day gift from Gramps and Granny (they chose their names):

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