Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Snoogled last night

J got me a Snoogle for my birthday! I'm pretty impressed that he was able to buy it (we share an account), have it shipped to our house, and store it here without me having any clue. He must be improving in his gift giving skills :) It was quite comfy once I actually figured out how to use it! J laughed at me this morning when he saw me all snuggled up with this huge pillow. It does make it a bit harder to get up to go to the bathroom, but I'll get it all figured out. 

I also got some stuff from my sister that she used with my niece. Not necessarily for my birthday, though. We now have the Moses Basket that the little toot will sleep in for the first three months or so in our room and a Boppy. It's a good start to feeling like we'll be ready. It's also good for our puppy, Coco, to start getting used to some of this stuff appearing in our house. She was pretty bummed, though, after she smelled the Moses Basket. My niece layed in it before we brought it home, and Coco loves Aly. I think she thought that Aly would be coming over after she smelled her. Poor Coco. 

Overall, it was a successful birthday. To celebrate my first full day of being 23, it's back to work after almost a week! Bummer.

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Lil'Misa said...

I also have trouble getting up out of bed with the snoogle. I haven't figured out a good way yet, but I'm working on it!