Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jeffrey's 3rd Birthday!

Hard to believe, but we had Jeffrey's 3rd Birthday bash this morning! I'm really happy with how it all turned out, and Jeffrey had a blast. It was a lot of work going into it, and we always regret deciding to have it at our house on the day or so leading up to it, but we're happy with the end result. Now, we all have to come down from the birthday party high (only to start attending birthday parties like it's our job from here until mid December).

Since Jeffrey is obsessed with excavators, his party was "Construction" themed. Or, more specifically, Dump Trucks and Tractors. It was easy to decorate since he has so many (read: too many). We went easy with the food and provided toddler friendly snacks, and my SIL brought the cake. We had all our construction-esque toys out- blocks, tool puzzles, legos, etc. Outside, Jony built a sand table (last night!), so there was that and a baby pool full of sawdust. We put all his little construction toys in there for everyone to play with, plus he had the big ones out there, too. There was also some coloring pages and sticker sheets. The sand table was a HUGE hit; all the kids loved it. It was worth Jony staying up late to build. Each kid got to choose a pail (w/ shovel, rake and scoop) and a construction hat to wear and use during the party.

It was a huge hit, and I think Jeffrey had the time of his life. Now, of course, he's started asking if it's his actual birthday yet. Can't believe that's on Monday. THREE.

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