Sunday, November 4, 2012

6 Months!

I'm a day behind, but that's to be expected when the month-day falls on a Saturday. My little nugget is half a year! I can hardly believe it's already been six months, but I also can't believe that it's only been six months. Having kids doesn't ever make sense, does it?

Gavin had a rough month since he hates that he cannot crawl yet (getting there, though!) and had the virus his brother had. Our little drama baby was NOT a fan of having a fever. He's all better now, although we're now entering the world of teething. I hope it takes awhile, even though I miss sleeping, because his little sweet toothless smile is just too precious. He's been going through quite a few growth spurts this past month, as well. Even still, his little personality is coming out strong and clear. He's for sure going to be as stubborn and independent as his brother, although he's clearly attached to his mommy. He has no problems getting dropped off at church or MOPS, but he will not accept being left with family members. Makes no sense. I'm really just trying to enjoy this baby stage, and I'm pretty sure I still view him as an itty-bitty newborn when I thought that Jeffrey was SO big at this stage.

Gavin's 6 Month Stats:
-over 17lbs, don't know about length
-wearing/growing out of 6 month size clothing.
-sitting completely on his own without falling over
-goes from sitting to his belly
-rocks on all fours
-can get from his belly to all fours and does yoga (plank, haha)
-pulling up, if his positioning is right
-starting to jabber
-excellent small motor control- pincer grab, transferring between hands, etc.
-started solids: banana and avocado
-first illness
-waking up, on average, twice a night. He's been difficult to get back to sleep lately, due to teething.
-loves standing, flipping off the light switch and playing/laughing with his big brother in the car

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Abby said...

I can not believe he's already 6 months old! Where has the time gone?