Friday, October 26, 2012

Starting Solids!

We started a little bit earlier than we were anticipating (5.5 months), but we couldn't delay it any more! He was more than ready. It had gotten to the point that he was so mad whenever we were eating just because he wasn't eating, as well. Since he's sitting unassisted and has excellent small motor control, we just went for it. We gave him a banana, just like we did with Jeffrey. I remember the huge mess and the non-eating that occurred with Jeffrey. Not so much with Gavin. He picked it up like no big deal and just started nomming on it. Same with avocado. It's still a little messy, let's be real. You can tell that he was ready for some real food, though.

It makes me sad that I'm not the sole provider for him anymore, but he still needs me :) I just cannot believe how big my little guy is getting.

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