Monday, October 22, 2012

Open House

Last week, Jeffrey's school had their Open House. I was so excited to go and talk to his teachers and see how he's really doing. Turns out that he's doing amazing! His teachers love him and think he's a great addition to the class. They were impressed that, even though he's only there twice a week, he's a leader in the class while he's there. All of the other kids love to go and see what he's doing. Apparently, he always gets to sit on one of his teacher's laps during story time. Nobody else even questions it; it's "Jeffrey's spot." I was happy to hear that he talks just as much there as he does at home since that shows that he's happy and comfortable there. He's even starting to stop protesting nap time (after a LOT of discussion on our end that, even if he doesn't want to nap, some of his friends might!). He tends to be a trouble maker at lunch time, though, since he's the class clown.

I left just beaming about my little boy. I'm so proud of him all the time, and it's nice to hear such wonderful things about him from his teachers. They raved about how smart he is and all that he knows. They were most impressed that he knows what days he goes to school. He's also into counting/adding and spotting differences (especially gender differences, sigh). His knowledge of tractors is considered top notch in his class, and his best friend in his class, Finn, is the all-knowing student about dinosaurs. They like talking to each other about their specialties, which I think would be so adorable to see.

I'm so happy we decided to send him to MDO! He's loving it, and so am I.

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