Friday, October 19, 2012

We had a good run!

We're dealing with our first childhood illness. Yes, that's right. Jeffrey has never been sick before. I'm not really sure this even qualifies too much, as he just has a fever. He's had a runny nose for a few days, but, other than the fever, he's acting relatively normal. He's not quite as active and has moments that he just wants to lay on the couch, but he doesn't feel bad. When I picked him up from MDO yesterday, he was the worst- shivering pretty hardcore and flushed. Tylenol brought it down quickly. Today, it's been fluctuating between 100-102 depending on his activity level, but he hasn't needed any Tylenol at all. I'm hoping it's gone today, so we can still enjoy some of our activities this weekend. We're already missing a Halloween party today :( The fact that he's acting so normal makes that harder than if he actually felt sick. Darn virus.

After seeing Jeffrey get this little virus, we're pretty sure that it's what must have been wrong with Gavin a few days ago. He had a "fever" of 99 one night, but that was it. After a few rough nights, he's back to normal. Since Jeffrey isn't breastfeeding, I assume it's why it's hitting him a little harder. He's still got one pretty tough immune system, though!

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