Monday, October 15, 2012

So tired.

Last night was rough. It felt like we had Jeffrey as a little baby again. Yawn.

There was a lot going into last night, so it's not surprising how it all went down. First off, both boys have runny noses. We have Gavin's mattress on an incline, but it still bothers him. He's quite the crazy mover at night and doesn't always stay the right direction! This also leads to him getting caught up against the side of the crib quite a bit, but he goes back to sleep easily after you move him when that happens. A major issue is that he's not swaddles anymore. I miss the Miracle Blanket. Sadly, my chunk is too tall for it now. His knees were always showing, so it was really easy for him to break out. Plus, he rolls all over the place now. No swaddle and a runny nose/cold together have been having him wake up more than usual the last week or so, but last night? A fever added on. Yikes. It was just a slight fever, so I'm thinking we may be entering the lovely world of teething. He's doing much better today after a good nap and a good poop. Plus, he has on his amber necklace. He's napping again now, so I hope he's even happier. I'm sure he's exhausted since he didn't sleep much, either.

Even though it will be so sad to say good-bye to his sweet gummy smile, I hope it is teething and not an indicator of any illness. Jeffrey slept in until 10am (!), but I'm thinking that's because Gavin woke him up last night. Let's hope. We've evaded illness up until this point, and I'd like to keep my record!

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