Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5 Months!

Having a birth day at the beginning of the month is crazy with how it slaps you in the face that another month is gone. September has been so busy with school, fall activities, and our trip (a post about that is coming soon). Now, here I am with a five month old little boy. Let me tell you, Gavin is one special little baby. He's rarely upset and, if he is, it's because he wants social interaction. He LOVES people. Give him a compliment, and he will give you the biggest smile. Not that it's too hard because he's so dang happy all of the time. He's got to be the easiest baby in the world. He's started really making some major noises, and he has this hilarious scream/screech thing he does that freaked us out the first time since it sounds like he's a dying chicken or something. He does it when he gets really excited. Add that to loving social situations, and you can imagine how loud our dinner table is now that he's joined us in his high chair. No solids food yet, much to his disappointment. He's definitely tried, and he's quick with good aim! He's in the big boy car seat, which he loves. As he continues getting bigger, his vision of Jeffrey is becoming better, which makes for hilarious car rides. My boys are obsessed with each other. Gavin is starting to move about with rolling and scooting, and he will attack Jeffrey if he's close enough to give him the chance. There is some definite roughhousing in my future, no question. Those moments give me some of the purest laughs from both of them, and I love it. He's starting to sit up on his own. He's really good at it until he gets excited (all the time), and his arms flail up and down, which knocks him over. It's pretty amusing to watch. He's pretty amusing, overall!

5 month stats:
-no clue about size- fat and tall is all I know
-still in some 3 month onesies from Carters, but he's basically in 6 month clothes in everything else
-rolls in one direction multiple times
-gets up on his arms and toes: baby push-ups!
-sitting up (pretty much)!
-will pull himself to standing if you offer your fingers
-babbling and making all sorts of strange noises
-grabs things with miraculous speed and accuracy
-no longer sleeping in the swaddle, and he still sleeps pretty well! Wakes up about 1-2x a night on average
-loves looking at lightswitch plates and is obsessed with Sophie

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Kristin said...

I'm so scared to wean Luke from the swaddle! I hope je doesn't wake more often.

That's so cute that he tries to get ahold of Jeffrey! I can't wait for that. I can tell he wants to play so badly!

So glad you have a happy, easy baby! Luke is pretty laid back and cheerful as well.