Monday, September 17, 2012


Things have been crazy over here! Even with Jeffrey going to school two mornings a week, I feel like I'm always on the go! I had my annual appointment with my Ob/Gyn, which was interesting since I had to inform them that I had a baby since last year. Luckily, the office is very accustomed to us crunchy types (;)), so it was no big deal. Gavin had his 4 month appointment, which went well until he had a bad reaction the the vaccines that he got. Poor baby had a fever and felt miserable for about 24 hours. As for everyday life, I'm adjusting to Jeffrey no longer napping. Instead, he has one hour of room/rest time. He goes to sleep earlier now and sleeps in later most mornings and is much more pleasant during the day, even if it is exhausting to have him not nap. Gavin is starting to get involved with everybody and is rolling/scooting around now. This excites Jeffrey very much, although he tends to forget how little he is. I've been trying to be much more present with my boys and am weaning off of using the TV so much. It's been successful, and I can see a change in Jeffrey that I like very much. It doesn't leave much down time for me to just bum about, though. We're keeping it pretty low key today and tomorrow, though, as we get everything cleaned and prepped for our big road trip to Florida on Wednesday. Tomorrow, we'll be switching out the infant seat for Gavin's new big boy convertible seat. Even bigger news is that we'll be switching Jeffrey to forward facing, just two months shy of the big 3rd birthday. He's still about 5lbs away from the weight limit, but, as typical for him, he's precariously close to the height. So, we're just going to go ahead and do it to hopefully make the trip a bit easier on us. The new view should give us at least one hour of excitement for him, we figure!

I'm a big nervous, although excited, about this trip. It's going to be a LONG two days in the car with two small children. While we're in Florida, though, it's going to be a lot of fun. Then there's the whole two MORE days to come home...

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