Friday, September 7, 2012

Update on Jeffrey's back

He's doing SO much better. After having all the tests done and talking to both the pediatrician and the chiropractor, we're 98% certain that it was growing pains. The chiro said that, from what we said he experienced, and how his spine/muscles looked confirmed that, as well. A likely culprit to the major back pain was wearing shoes that were too small (doesn't that make me feel like a crappy mom?!?). Ever since we got him into his bigger ones about a week ago, it's gotten substantially better. He's only woken up twice this week, and he doesn't burst out into tears whenever he falls down. I suppose we'll see how much taller he is at his 3 year (!) appointment.

Going to the chiropractor was an interesting experience. He was a bit apprehensive, but his biggest complaint was not wanting to lay on his belly. He didn't mind the actual adjustments. In fact, he said that he felt much better afterwards! I'm really hoping that we can put all this back pain in the past, and we'll be keeping a much better eye on his fast growing feet!

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