Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The First Day

Today is Jeffrey's first day of "pre-school," otherwise known as Mother's Day Out. He'll be going Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2 for this school year. He was SO excited! Ever since the "Meet the Teacher" on Friday when he was able to play in the classroom, meet his two teachers and see some of the other kids who would be in his class, he has been talking about it non-stop! Every day this weekend, he would wake up and ask if he could go to school. He was ecstatic when I said that he was this morning! I took a few obligatory pictures, loaded up all the stuff and drove him to school. He kept going on and on about how much fun he was going to have, how excited he was and how he was going to tell the teachers when he needs to go potty (we'll see about this one...). He's super stoked about the huge playground they have. Upon arrival, he put his backpack on proudly and in we walked! Some other kids going in that were older waved hello to him, and he told me they were excited that he was coming to play with them. So sweet.

At his classroom, he hung up his backpack, gave me a hug and reminded me that he knew that "Mama Llama ALWAYS comes back," smiled and just ran into the class. And that was it. He didn't look back, and he for sure didn't cry. So, I filled out the morning sheet for the teachers, and Gavin and I went on our way. I'm handling it pretty well, I think! I'm so excited to go get him in a few hours and see how he did and hear what he has to say :)

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