Monday, January 21, 2013

The carpet is gone!

YAY! We're currently down to the foundation in the living/dining room. The tile in the entryway and kitchen will be gone tomorrow. I'm so thrilled to get rid of all that ugliness. We'll still have some of the carpet in the bedrooms and hallway, but it'll be gone soon enough, as well.

It's pretty tricky with a crawler to not have any real floor space. We saved a square of the carpet so that Gavin has a little fenced in area to play, but he's not a huge fan. I'm hoping we can get a lot done tonight so that we can let him free a little bit. I don't want him crawling on the cold and rough cement.

Meanwhile, my head and Pinterest are super busy with how we're going to re-decorate the rooms. I may want to paint, and we definitely want to do a different furniture set-up. Our house may look totally different in a week!

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Celine said...

i loved your year of organization post before and now i hear youre on pinterest too, can I "add you" to follow?
We bought our first home when we moved to Holland from South Africa, then got pregnant and then again so now 4 years in this house, a 3yr old, an 18m old and we have redone the master bedroom(kinda) the kids rooms at last (they will need new beds this year tho) and this year the year of the kitchen revamp!