Sunday, February 10, 2013

AW Post

There's a lot of exciting things happening in our house right now, so I'm going to brag a bit.

1. Jony is rocking all of our home renovations. The floor is just about done, we're about to paint the living/dining room and the hallway, and then we're going to tackle our master suite! I'm so lucky to have a handy husband.

2. Jeffrey wants to learn to read! Whenever he gets something in his head, he really focuses on it. So, he practices writing his letters all of the time, loves going through an Activity pre-school book we have, and is always wanting to look at books. All of those infant books have come back out so that he can look at the picture and corresponding word by himself to try and figure it out. He wrote his name on my niece's birthday card, and he signed all his Valentine's. It's so dang cute. He's definitely a lefty, also.

3. Gavin is rocking the mobility thing. He's taken a few steps here and there, but it's not consistent in any way. He's starting to stand up on his own (without pulling up), though. He's also in the process of dropping down to one nap. I'll miss having two, but that's when Jeffrey started sleeping through the night, so I'm not too upset. Plus, it'll be easier with having an older child since his new nap overlaps with Jeffrey's room time. I'm actually getting time to myself some these days!

I'm just so proud of my boys.

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