Sunday, February 3, 2013

9 Months!

Now, we reach the point where Gavin has been out longer than he has been in. I could not be happier; he is such a joy and a blessing to our family. Jeffrey is obsessed with him, and Jony and I are pretty enamored with him, as well. He can be crazy dramatic, and teething does not agree with him, but we love that little guy to pieces. He's not walking just yet, but it's bordering on it. He's starting to attempt and doing what I call the "step fall," where he'll put his foot out like he's taking a step and then falls to a crawl to get where he's going. I even saw him stand up from a squat all on his own the other day, so I doubt it's going to be long. He's really finding his voice- shrieks ALL the time. He'll do it back and forth for as long as you can stand it. He's also starting to try and say "book" and "uh-oh," I'm fairly certain. Time will tell. He's going to be a class clown like his brother, though. There is lots of laughter in our home, and I love it.

Gavin's 9 Month Stats:
-appointment is tomorrow, so we'll find out weight/length then!
-growing out of all the 6 month clothes; onesies are starting to disappear form the wardrobe
-THREE teeth. That top one finally busted through; now, we wait for the other one. Sigh.
-standing unassisted for large amounts of time
-climbs up stairs
-an expert at the pincer grasp and small motor control, which goes along with him being a fabulous eater
-Favorite food: vegetables, such as green beans, carrots and peas
-loves: doing forward and back flips (rolls), the Melissa and Doug sorting toy (which he is starting to be able to do), Jeffrey's Cars cars of any kind, taking apart train tracks, climbing and eating leaves
-Strongly dislikes: being caged in and not being allowed on the floor (thank goodness that's over!) and not being able to go outside with brother due to his love of eating leaves

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