Monday, October 12, 2009

34 weeks!

It was a good week! I had my 2nd shower and had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends (who all have really great taste, by the way). Once I get the pictures from my mom, I'll post them. Less than 2 weeks until the next (and last) shower! I also had a great brunch with some of the Houston ladies and look forward to the next time. Maybe we'll have another one before I go into labor!

Jony and I are frantically trying to get everything done as it becomes more and more obvious that we don't have a substantial length of time left. Our goal is to make sure that everything is ready by 37 weeks so that we can just bum around and enjoy some down time before Jeffrey's big debut.

1. We started prepping our cloth diapers, which has been extremely exciting for me (and Jony teases me about it every day). I've been going at it slowly, but we should be all finished by tomorrow. Then, it'll be time to arrange it all in the nursery!

2. Since two of our showers are complete, I've been sorting all of the clothes, blankets, bibs, socks, etc. into laundry piles. Just in case Jeffrey decides to come a little early, it will all be ready to just be thrown into the washer/dryer. We actually have a lot more than we thought we did, and I'm sure we'll be getting even more at the next shower. Our dog is loving having all these soft items laying on the floor- makes a great bed for her to sleep on (especially with all of this rain we're having!)

3. Our nursery is getting somewhere! Jony finished the picture frames (I'm so proud of him- they look great!) and hung up our Eric Carle artwork. It's so nice to finally start seeing some color appear in there! He should be finishing the shelves in the next few days (weather permitting), and then I can start decorating!

4. We had our first experience with Target returns yesterday (which was ridiculously easy- I was shocked) and bought a few essentials for the hospital bag, which I will be starting to pack this week.

We've got our 34 week appointment this Thursday, where I will have the joy of experiencing the GBS swap and perhaps even my first internal! Even more exciting- Sunday is our maternity photos! yay!

# of things left to do in the nursery: 10/17
# of items left to buy: 3.5/18


Rachel H. said...

Can't wait to see photos from your shower!

Kismet21 said...

Can't wait to see pictures and it was great to see you on Saturday!